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Hi guys, how old will you all be when you're out in Florida? I have a feeling that I'm going to be o

  1. 18-19

  2. 19-20

  3. 21-22

  4. 22-23

  5. 23-24

  6. 24+

  1. DestinationDisney

    DestinationDisney New Member

    Select the poll option that shows the age that you will be when you arrive and the age thy you will be when you leave. For example, I am 23 now, but I will be 24 when I arrive and 25 when I leave, so I would select 24+.
    I'm really interested to see how many 2014-2015 CRPers are my age.
  2. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    25 when I arrive and 26 when I leave. FML!
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  3. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    you are not the oldest by a long shot. I'm the oldest CRP currently at the Rose and Crown (and I turn 30 this year) but there's plenty of people that work there permanently that are older and I would say most people are over 23
  4. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Your age isn't that bad. Actually, I imagine there will probably be more older people. I was going to apply in the summer, as I'd be 18, but I'd rather wait until I was at least 21 to go. I've seen from several people that it's better to go when you're older
  5. Talie

    Talie New Member

    I'm 24 and turning 25, from what I've seen there's a massive mix!
  6. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    I've only just turned 22, but will celebrate my 23rd birthday before I come home!
  7. Carey

    Carey New Member

    I'll be 20 when I arrive and 21 when I leave. I'll be 21 for majority of the program.
  8. hi there, i was just wondering if Age is important to Disney? Cause i am not 21 anymore ;) so i kinda always feel i might be too old to get accepted but then I see that also some of you are around 28 and up?
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  9. Kate2.0

    Kate2.0 New Member

    I was 19-20 my first program, this time around I'll turn 26 5 days after I arrive. It will definitely be different being one of the older ones this time!
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  10. :))

    :)) New Member

    I hope for more old people:)
  11. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    Do you think Disney favour particular ages when they look at applicants? I participated on the ICP in 2008 when I was 20 and am now hoping to apply for the CRP this summer and am 26 but will be 27 in December. Do you think this will go against me as the majority seem to be under 25?
  12. When I was there last (2010) there were PLENTY of people above 25! I don't think that'll be a problem. :)
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  13. :))

    :)) New Member

    I dont think they look at the age. Unless youre 50. I think the reason why there is mostly young people is because the majority of the applicants are young. This program is something that fit in the life for young people after high school and between studies. When you are older and have a job and a house you dont have the same opportunity anymore. When i was there last time most people was between 18 and 22, but there was ages up to 30. So dont worry about the ages. You can have fun working for disney if youre 18 and if youre 30 :)
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  14. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    Awesome! Thanks guys! Fingers crossed then! I'll be gutted if I don't get it now. Been wanting to since I returned in 2008 but jobs etc stopped me. Now I've got no strings to hold me down (sorry - couldn't resist!) I want to bite the bullet and do it so I don't keep thinking - what if!?
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  15. DestinationDisney

    DestinationDisney New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry I haven't been onto WDWIP for aaaaaaages, so I haven't seen these posts.
    Thanks for getting back to me, its great to know that there will be quite a few people on the program that will be my age and older :)
    Looking forward to meeting you guys out there and good luck to those waiting to hear back! xxxxx
  16. DestinationDisney

    DestinationDisney New Member

    Hi guys thanks for all your replies!! Sorry I haven't responded in a while. It's really good to know that there are people of all ages doing the CRP :) xxxx
  17. dsacco7

    dsacco7 Member

    Whats up boys and girls! Im going to be celebrating my 26th b-day next year while working at Disney, and I promise it will be a party to remember !!!
  18. Miss_Saskia

    Miss_Saskia New Member

    I will be turning 25 during my time at Disney :)
  19. Tasha Colter

    Tasha Colter New Member

    I'll be turning 24 while being down there
  20. emsicles

    emsicles New Member

    Hi, it's been 10 years since I last posted on here, I was 25 when I did the cultural exchange programme and I would say that there are a real mix of ages. Think the oldest living on the commons complex from the UK pavilion was about 40 and the youngest 18. I can honestly say hand on heart, it doesn't matter how old you are. It is still the best thing I have Ever done, and still talk about it with as much passion and enthusiasm. Have a great time, I wish you well on your adventure. :) oh and visit earl of sandwich for me, please.
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