American mobile phone contracts. What's best?

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by DestinationDisney, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. DestinationDisney

    DestinationDisney New Member

    Hi All!

    I'm going to be sorting myself out with an American mobile phone contract once I arrive in Florida.
    I will most likely be looking for a contract that covers me for unlimited texts/calls/data in the USA. I will already have a phone so will just need a sim only contract. And I'm not fussed about making calls back to the uk as I will have skype for that.

    Which American phone companies do the best deals??

  2. Most ppl over there have gosmartmobile, u can choose from different plans and there is even an option u can add for unlimited international texting and unlimited calls to ur home country (landline calls).
  3. AllyInOrlando

    AllyInOrlando New Member

    I'm not sure about contracts but definitely get WhatsApp installed on your phone! Unlimited texts and picture messages to anyone all over the world, be they in the UK or the USA. Just another thing you don't have to pay for :) x
  4. Chris McGillis

    Chris McGillis New Member

    I am not sure about a contract per say but I bought a nokia phone on AT&T from Walmart for like $25 and I bought minutes for it when I ran out. I never paid more then $15 a month for minutes and I had a very good plan. I had unlimited text messages decent amount of minutes to use and I never ran out. I am not sure about data plans of course that is a whole different issue with type of phone and whatever you want to get. I suggest the cheap option though I never used my phone. I was always with the friends I needed to contact and you are so close to everyone that its not a big deal. Unless you want to call home but in that case buy a phone card it is the cheapest and most affordable option.
  5. DestinationDisney

    DestinationDisney New Member

    Thanks guys, thats a massive help :)
    Will definitely have a good idea of where to look for an american sim now, cheers! xx
  6. Peter

    Peter Administrator Staff Member

    Have a look at T-Mobile. You might be able to bring your phone along and just put a new sim card in it from them, and you can sign up with them without any contract (just pay month to month). Not all of our mobile networks are compatible with the phones used in Europe. One of the reasons I went with T-Mobile is because we can still use our phones in Europe. That, and T-Mobile is cheaper than Verizon or AT&T.

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