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  1. Hi! If I'm not available until summer and preferred to start in July/August, when would be the optimal time to apply for CRP? I understand that accepted applicants tend to start when CPs are about to finish. Is the CRP application open all year round? I am from Canada if that helps answer the questions. Thanks!
  2. Hi! The application process can be fairly long for Canadians. For example, I applied in January of 2014, had my interview in April, and was accepted in September for a start date of June 2015. Others had less of a wait; it just depends on whether or not you want to be in food & beverage or merchandise/attractions. Food & beverage tends to be a bit of a shorter wait.

    I'm pretty sure there are interviews happening in February and April this year, which could give you a start date anywhere between this summer and next. As for arrival dates for CRPs, it's not limited to when CPs finish, it's all year round! People come every month. If you're interested in a summer start date I would absolutely consider applying ASAP.

    Good luck with your application! :)
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    Apply now! This is the application time for the next hiring period which I believe is October-Feburary start dates. I think they've already done the hiring for summer months, but I could be wrong. But either way, they accommodate your start date. I had my interview in November and told them I couldn't start until May 1st, so my start date is May 5th.
  4. Wow I had no idea you had to apply so far in advance! Thanks guys! When you apply, do you apply directly for a specific position? I noticed you said f+b applicants have shorter wait times. I know for cultural exchange program you pick your top 3 choices.
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    All my experience is mainly in food and beverage so it was pretty apparent that that was what I was applying for, and I made it clear in my cover letter too. However, I don't know if that is necessary, as they do ask you to fill out a role preference check list and they ask during the interview. I think it helps though. F&B doesn't necessarily have shorter; however, they higher more people for F&B than any other position. I hope this helps a little :) But I highly recommend applying, you won't regret it!
  6. Thank you, Heather. May I ask when you applied, when you did your interview, and when you found out you were accepted?
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    I'm from the UK, but here, they were almost offering dates all year round. They note down your start date and if they do want to hire you, they should accommodate your date, they're aware people have may reasons for why they'd have to wait till a certain date to start. =)
    We had quite quick times from our interviews for the confirmed "yes" applicants, a lot of us were put on the waitlist. I was in the last group on the waitlist to get a date. I interviewed Oct/Nov 2013, the confirmed "yes" applicants found out in December, then the wait list opened in January 2014. I was on the list till the last few, September 2014 I got my start date. [However people on the Wait List were getting places through out the whole year] (Pretty much all my group got March 2015 start dates) I was giving a July 2015 start date, but I did email Disney to say I couldn't start now till after April 2015. Which they've accommodated for. =)
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    Ya they're super accommodating to your start dates. Not many people can drop their lives in a few days to move to another country. You have to give work notice, pack your life up, end your lease, save etc. I applied August 31st, received my interview date on October 21st, interview was November 12th, and got my acceptance email on November 24th. My start date is May 5th because I have school until April 24th. But some people who interviewed with me are starting in February, others are starting in July. Sadly I am missing my graduation ceremony for college, but it's a minor sacrifice in my eyes.
    You can add me on Facebook if you want: and I also have my blog in my signature, describing everything I've gone through so far. I also have a bunch of blogs that helped me while applying on there as well... Mainly Adam Hattan like everyone else on here :p:p:p:p If you haven't checked out his blog, stop what you're doing and go look now !!! He answers nearly every question you might have.
  9. Wow that's a very long process indeed. Thank you, ladies!
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    Hey! So I have a blog documenting when I applied when I heard back etc if you want an idea of my wait.

    Prepare yourself for waiting though! I heard Canadians have a pretty long wait time

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