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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Sarahjaneiris, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    When I was applying for the programmes I found blogs to be very helpful.

    I thought we could collect a list of blogs from people who were going out this year for the new applicants?

    Mine is:

    Good luck with you applications!
  2. Roisin2508

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  3. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    Dan@Disney is a great blogger
    We did the ICP together in 2008 and since then he's returned 3 times to do ICP and CRP. He knows his stuff. Adam Hattan at Hattantimesdoesdisney is another I've been following
  4. aj_hat

    aj_hat Member

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  5. Jenna88

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  6. Jack!

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  7. Teeganrain

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  8. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    Jenna your blog is amazing. I loved reading it and it is so hopeful :) x
  9. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    Aww I'm glad you like it :) Good luck!
  10. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    Does anyone know of any really good vlogs? I have found tons of blogs but none vlogs.

    I know Adam Hattans is amazing. Any more though? :) Xx
  11. aj_hat

    aj_hat Member

    *Blush* Watch out for more content coming soon over on
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