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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by LostGirlSarah, May 18, 2014.

  1. LostGirlSarah

    LostGirlSarah New Member

    Hey all! Its probably a lil early to start a thread for next year but I figured since they've closed applications for merchandise/attractions for 2014 already I might as well start it.
    I'm Sarah, I live in alberta and I just reapplied a few days ago because they were full up on the position they wanted to consider me for for 2014.
    I'm guessing it will be a while yet before we hear anything back from Disney for 2015 so why not chill here in the mean time?
  2. Hi There!
    My name is Danielle and I applied June 2nd to be a Cultural representative at the Canadian Pavilion at Walt Disney World in Epcot!
    Since I applied the beginning of this month I am unsure what year I applied for? I am assuming 2015. Does anyone know when the start date for that would be??
    I am so excited my dream has always been to work at Walt Disney World and make people's dreams come true! :)
  3. Oh also my resume & application are "In Progress" right now according to my dashboard.
    I've been looking everywhere for more information on this second step on the dashboard, is this something I should be as excited about as I am? Ever since I applied I have been over the moon with excitement :) but I know wait times can be long. It's my first time applying and I have so many questions etc my head is spinning :) But in a good way! :)
    If you know any extra information for me Sarah I'd love to know! :) Thanks :)
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  4. Kyle 204

    Kyle 204 New Member

    Your start time will be dependant on when they need people (when people are leaving). There are usually arrival dates every two weeks. Sometimes after the interviews people start the next month, but some also wait 6 months. Which area did you apply for?
  5. CRP for the Canadian Pavilion I'd take any job they give me :)
    I have experience in Merchandising & Food and Beverage but wouldn't mind working the "O Canada!" attraction too! :)
    Thanks for the quick reply Kyle! :)
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  6. Kyle 204

    Kyle 204 New Member

    No problem. Hopefully you hear back soon.
  7. dsacco7

    dsacco7 Member

    Hey everyone! I just got accepted to the ICP Canada food and beverage starting July 2015. If anyone is going down around that time I'd love to start making new friends!
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  8. LostGirlSarah

    LostGirlSarah New Member

    Ghhh I'm so jealous! Lucky you. I first applied way back in march but had to reapply in may cause they filled up. I've got some job experience in merchandise, and I also took French immersion in school so I'm hoping that will help my chances of being accepted. Does anyone know when they start accepting people and moving on to the phone call interviews next? I think last year it was early September....

  9. Is that the same as the cultural representative program? That's just for the summer?
  10. dsacco7

    dsacco7 Member

    Yes cultural representative starting in July 2015
  11. dsacco7

    dsacco7 Member

    I have almost 7 years of experience in F&B so that probably helped. Keep applying I'm sure there are some openings!!
  12. jordan jones

    jordan jones New Member

    I got accepted for the CRP 2015 start dates not confirmed yet but will be either march/april so will be there at the same time
  13. Are the cep applications open yet
  14. I applied back in Juneā€¦. should I reapply? Or do they know I'm still waiting to hear from them?
    So new to this it's crazy.
  15. oussama

    oussama New Member

    you should waiting untile send you message in your email or in dashboard for interview face to face Good luck more information this is my facebook
  16. juliet_lifts

    juliet_lifts New Member

    Anyone else have an interview November 12th in Toronto? :)
  17. Hey! I got the news today I am no longer in consideration.
    What should I do better for next time? What else could I add?
    Main question - Do I have to wait to reapply again?
  18. kaitiep

    kaitiep Member


    So I applied back in November 2014 for CRP found out last week I have an interview February 26th 2015 in Vancouver :) so excited yet so nervous anyone else going to be in Vancouver for the interview
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  19. Heather

    Heather Member

    So jealous your interview is in Vancouver. Mine was in Toronto and the interview ended up costing me $800 :( Vancouver would have been so much cheaper for me!!! Anyways good luck :) Make sure to smile lots and let your personality shine.
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