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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Yuki_Phnx, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Yuki_Phnx

    Yuki_Phnx New Member

    Hey guys! I keep up with the Disney IP Facbook page and they seemed to be posting more "Apply now!" posts so I checked in and found out they're hiring for April 2016!!

    I just submitted my application. This is exactly what I've been waiting for. Now I have to wait some more! Let's do this together you guys =)

  2. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Hey! I also recently submitted my application, here's to hoping I make it through the stages. Good luck to you!
  3. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Worth noting that Disney IP just re-posted the job. It was August 5th before, now it sits at September 22nd, lack of applicants maybe?
  4. theraininvietnam

    theraininvietnam New Member

    Hey, I just applied on Sept 26th! It's for April 2016? I hope I get through and you guys do too :D So much fun! Did you guys do ICP?
  5. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    I did not. And yes, I do believe it is for April 2016! Hopefully they start doing interviews & what not soon!
  6. LCariou

    LCariou New Member

    Hey I applied from Canada as well From what I read on a blog from a Canadian (very helpful if you want to check it out who went through the process last year, we should hear about interviews in the next week or two and then interviews would be around Remembrance Day! Also they stagger the arrivals so it could be as early as next April or you could get a start date that wouldn't be until much later. Fingers crossed.
  7. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Good to know! Thank you. Hopefully we all start to hear something soon.
  8. theraininvietnam

    theraininvietnam New Member

    Thanks for the blog and advice! Hope we all get in and can begin our magical journey... I did ICP in 2013 but it was waaaay too short! I'd love to live at Disney for the full year.... even if I worked on Christmas it'd be Christmas at Disney! LOL
  9. CaNick

    CaNick New Member


    Disney contacted me this afternoon telling me that I have moved forward to the interview stage.

    Anyone else?
  10. LCariou

    LCariou New Member

    Congrats! Me too. Toronto November 19th
  11. Carly Stephen

    Carly Stephen New Member

    Hey! I also have an interview in Toronto on November 19th! Just found out on Tuesday! Look foward to seeing all you there :)
  12. lyane13

    lyane13 New Member

    I also got invited for an interview!! Im sooo excited!!!!
  13. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    I'm very happy for all of you guys!! And I hope to meet all of you!

    Feel free to add me on Facebook:

    Toss me a message, or whatever. I LOVE NEW FRIENDS.
  14. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    Congrats everyone! I also have an interview on the 19th in Toronto. It's not a hard interview just so you guys know. They make it feel more like just a friendly talk, ask questions about your hometown and stuff like that. I applied last year, had the interview in Toronto too, was wait-listed and then had to reapply because they didn't have anymore spots. Both of the interviewers were really nice so I hope it will be the same two. I will be fun meeting you all in Nov.
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  15. madisonlynn95

    madisonlynn95 New Member

    I also got an interview!! See everybody in Toronto.
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  16. Kelsey

    Kelsey New Member

    I'll see everyone there!! :)
  17. lululemon

    lululemon Member

    See you all on the 19th!!
  18. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Great to make friends before we all do this together!
  19. Carly Stephen

    Carly Stephen New Member

    I agree! I also get more nervous the closer we get to the date, 2 weeks today guys!
  20. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Well everyone, just over a week (and I mean just) before we all meet in Toronto. Exciting times ahead!
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