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  1. Nicole92

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    My names Nicole and I've just finished applying for the Historical Research Centre role on the Cultural Representative Program. Has anyone applied for this role, or is thinking about it? Or has anyone already done it? I've not seen much about people doing this role so hoping to find some people :)
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    Hi Nicole! I'm Hannah and I applied for this role too. I've heard mixed things about it - I'm not completely certain what all of the differences are between working for Disney and working for an Operating Participant such as the HRC, but I've emailed Yummy Jobs to clarify. Good luck with your application! :)
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    operating participants are like external companies brought in to work for/with Disney. So although they are under the Disney banner they still have some of their own rules and separate policies. Including different wages and some different charges for housing if im correct.
  4. Nicole92

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    Good luck with your application too Hannah! Yeah its been difficult to find stuff regarding it, compared to finding information out about working in a role like F&B. I've read that you pay more rent, still get free entry to the parks, still get a Cast Member discount (but I believe the amount may be different to regular Cast Members), you don't get Disney Medical Insurance and you don't get a Disney Bank Account. But I don't know if that's all correct, sort of gathered it from different places. Let me know what Yummy Jobs says!
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    My friend did the role whilst I was there, but all that is correct you pay a slightly higher rent as you are an operating participant. As are the restruants in Italy etc. But also your wage rises too, once you pass through your training & throughout the year. The HRC has about three/four CMs and the bosses for HRC are amazing, real nice ladies. You join in on merch meetings. You get the same discounts on merchandise and food, the hotel discount & park entry.

    You don't get access to the hub which is a website that regular CMs get access too, it has the latest Disney news on it, your time table, book time off, pay checks records, record card and allows you to book hotels online however there is a CM phone number you can call that you can use to book hotels and restaurants. I used that number frequently.

    Also as HRC you don't worry about reprimands and points as you deal directly with your own manager. Also as part of a small team between yourselves you can switch shifts.

    HRC sells like swords & dragon figurines & all sorts of eclectic relics like that. But also you look up people's surnames and coat of arms and they can have it printed on different things or put in frames which is what you'll be doing. Also you could be in charge of opening and closing the store.

    Also I don't know if it's still like this as I did the programe back in 2011 but when you go through the first few days of training and classes - operating participants are in separate classes for some of them. I can't be sure if you have traditions in the classic sense but you do have a variation of it. I think! I will double check.

    Hope this provides a bit more information. But if you have any specific questions I can ask my friend for more details. Best of luck :)
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