Do you need work experience?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Kenny, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Kenny

    Kenny New Member

    Hello Fellow Disney Applicants!

    Just a quick question. Does yummy jobs/Disney mind if you havent had any work experience on your CV. Its just that I have had a few personal reasons of why I couldnt start working at 16 ( im 17 now ) Will this narrow my chances or should I just apply anyways? Thanks
  2. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    You could always look to get some volunteering under your belt, always looks good. It isn't stated as an essential, but it would work in your favourite if you did have some experience. Also in case you're not currently aware:

  3. Aula

    Aula New Member

    If you don't apply, you won't get it. Simples.
    No harm in going for it even if you don't get it, and you can always try and get some work experience/volunteering inbetween.

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