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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by Zee890, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Zee890

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    This is going to sound silly asking outloud, but working on a ship 7 days straight--how/when do cms make time for stuff like haircuts or getting their eyebrows done or just a slew of personal errands that I take for granted now? I'm starting on the dream in November and I'm super excited for it, but I'm so OCD and precise about certain things I need to get done and was looking for some insight!
  2. kanga-rooney

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    What department are you working in? I was in the dining rooms and how it worked for us was you get three shifts off a week. So they could be in port on or when you're on the ship. We could only have breakfast or lunch off but every third Saturday (embarkation day on the fantasy) you would have lunch off in Port Canvaral. So for me and the majority of people that's when we would go to the mall that's close by (there are taxis outside that take you for cheap rates) and get haircuts / eyebrows threaded / shopping etc.

    I know merchandise get every port off as it is illegal for them to be open in port. But other departments I don't know sorry. Enjoy your time on the dream.
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  3. Zee890

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    Thanks! I'm guest services. Even though it's not the same department that helps ease my stress a bit lol.
  4. mallihamalliha

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    thank you very much for is useful
  5. catfish278

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    Hey I'm already on the dream, have done two contracts in merchandise but transfer to guest services this weekend so I will meet you in november! The schedule varies a lot but you do get hours off here and there in port so you can do "chores" like that... true in merchandise we got time off in port every day because we couldn't open the shops whereas it's less in GS but you still get your turn to have some port time :)
  6. dkrenson

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    I'll be on the Dream starting in November too! YAC :)

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