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  1. Wishes88

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    I was hoping someone on here would be able to comment on what the different housing is like.
    I know you have four- Vista way, The Commons, Patterson court and Chatham.
    I've read different things about each ie- vista is far out from the other housing & Vista & the commons are the places to stay if you want to party. patterson is small and quite but the nicest ect......

    everything i've read has been from years ago leading up to 2012. it would be a real help if anyone has any recent in sites. but overall does it really make a difference where you live? x
  2. ana_leal

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    I lived in Chatham Square this year during the summer and i loved it!!

    The apartments are big and nice, every bus stops there, most of the Housing events are there...it is a little bit quite but i think is a good balance to have housing events and also be quite when you really need that rest after a long work week

    Is the second newest :)

    Other complexes:

    Vista Way: It is the party complex, they are parties almost everyday, is the oldest and the cheapest, the check in is there, some housing events and has the learning center, a good thing about it is that it has a lot of restaurants and stores in walking distance

    The Commons: It has an outlet mall across the street, every apartment has a washing machine and dryer, the apartments are big, some housing events are also here, and the welcome session are here as well. Not every bus stops here

    Patterson: Is the newest but it doesnt have a bus stop so you have to walk to Chatham to take the bus, the aparments are really nice though
  3. How much did it cost to live in Chatham ??
  4. ana_leal

    ana_leal New Member

    i paid 94 per week, we were 6 roommates :)
  5. Miss_Saskia

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    Ana, would you rather recommend Chatham or the Commons? I like that the Commons have a washer and dryer included but Chatham seems to have a better location with all buses stopping there. Do you know what buses don't stop at the Commons?
  6. Kimmlez

    Kimmlez New Member

    If you look on Google Earth, it seems The Commons, Patterson and Chatham are across the roads from eachother? So I assume walking across to a different stop wouldn't be that bad... I start in July and am trying to work out preferences and stuff...
  7. Hey! They're definitely all really close to each other, so don't let the fact that Patterson doesn't have its own bus stop deter you from considering it. It's MAYBE five minutes to Chatham, not bad at all. :)
  8. Kimmlez

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    Thanks peropleperson118! =D At the moment I'm tied between The Commons and Patterson as a first preference. =/ What are other people thinking for their placements?
  9. No problem! :) I'm pretty set on Patterson... I was there last time and I really enjoyed it. I'm kind of interested in Chatham too, though!
  10. ana_leal

    ana_leal New Member

    Well since i was there for the summer Chatham was my best option but for a CRP i would go for The Commons, just for the washer and dryer, as for the buses that dont stop there, are the resorts buses like All Stars, all the theme parks buses stop there, and the walmart and Florida mall bus as well. Magic Kingdom has 2 buses the A and B but only one stops at The Commons.

    Good thing about it too is that the outlets are literally across the street and you have a few restaurants really close.
  11. Jenna88

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    I currently live in Commons and love it. I'm glad I picked to live here. The apartments have mostly all been refurbed and are nice and spacious, plus they have washers and driers. It's in walking distance to patts and chatham and is close to the outlets. Vista and Chatham have the best transport links but as far as I'm aware they won't house you in Commons if you need to get a bus to work that doesn't stop there.
  12. Heather

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    I'd love photos of the refurbished space in commons!!! All photos I can find are with it being outdated

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