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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by sems, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. sems

    sems Member

    Hey there! So I am looking quite far ahead with this but does anyone have any idea when ICP's specifically for NZ and Aus will open for January 2015? I know I am super early for this but I am really excited to get the ball rolling with the application process. The recruiters are coming for the August intake in a week but unfortunately I won't be able to attend the presentation due to exams :-[

    Also as a side note, can any previous ICPers tell me what they used for evidence of returning home for your visa interview and also what insurance you had? Seriously jumping a few steps here but I am so excited to go, I hope that when the time actually comes to interviewing I get accepted! :)
  2. Leashie11

    Leashie11 New Member

    Hi! I'm Alicia. :)
    I have to say I admire your enthusiasm!
    I've wanted to do the program for 4 years but each year there's been something holding me back.
    I'm aiming for Jan 2015 too!

    Just have to get citizenship and finish my tafe course!

    Applications open in May for the 2015 intake. :)
    Good luck!!
    Which presentation will you be attending?
    Can we still just go to the presentation or do we have to apply now?
  3. Leashie11

    Leashie11 New Member

  4. sems

    sems Member

    Hi Alicia!

    It is all I can think about at the moment, any spare moment I have I am researching!
    Thanks for the link, the little note on application dates wasn't there when I last looked.

    I'm going to the presentation at Auckland Uni.
    I've signed up for one in March that I'm going to go along to and see what it's like.

    Good luck with your citizenship!

    -Sophie :)
  5. ainsleywest

    ainsleywest New Member

    Hi I'm Ainsley!!

    I'm so excited I've applied for the previous recruitment but unfortunately I didn't get accepted (told to apply for jan 2015) because of my tafe diploma not being completed until June 2014. Which is good because it does give me enough time to save!!

    I usually look up videos on YouTube for vlogs from previous workers who have travelled
    Over there from Australia or New Zealand and I like to listen to their stories so I recommend that!

    I love watching the tours of their home and where they are living and what they recommend to do!
    (It helps)

    I am waiting til may to apply for jan 2015 departure :)

    By the way I live in Sydney Australia

    Good luck
  6. brookie473

    brookie473 New Member

    For you VISA it's really important to have evidence of a job or your continuing studies in Aus or NZ. My sister and her husband were knocked back from their visa purely because the lady thought they were going to stay there even though there was no reason for it. They came back with character references and letters from their jobs saying they have a job when they return as such. If you are involved in childrens work then get a letter about how this will benefit what you are doing or something along those lines. You may get a really nice person and have no troubles but it's better to be prepared than not.
  7. sems

    sems Member

    Thanks so much brookie473! I got an email from the recruiters saying that the application process begins in April but on the website it says May so looks like I am going to have to wait a little bit longer!

    Another question, in regards to insurance, does anyone know of any companies that do travel insurance for longer than 12 months?
  8. sems

    sems Member

    Applications are open!!
  9. Jessie

    Jessie New Member

    Does anyone know if I can apply in my first year? I'm doing a 2 year graphic design course and I want to apply for Jan 2015, so does anyone know if I can apply while I'm in my first year and then if I get accepted I'd have completed the first year of my course.
  10. sarah.m.

    sarah.m. New Member

    Hi Jessie, I'm in the same boat as you! Am currently in my first year at uni but will have completed the first year by the time the program starts in Jan 2015. I'm not sure if we will get accepted, but I'm way too excited to wait so applied any way :)
  11. Leashie11

    Leashie11 New Member

    I'm doing my Diploma of Graphic Design, already finished my Cert 4.
    Does anyone know if we just have to be enrolled or do we have to finish the course before we go?

    I'll be finishing in December this year but we'll already have been told if were accepted right?

    I've been working on my resume and cover letter for the last 3 days!
    Plus, filling out my citizenship!

    Good luck everyone!
    Might see some of you in Sydney?!
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  12. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    I applied about three days after applications opened! I got the standard "thanks and you'll hear more info soon" email within hours of finalising my application and now I'm just twiddling my thumbs and checking my dashboard every day! lol. Well maybe not quite twiddling my thumbs since I'm pretty busy, but I'm still anxious to hear! From what I understand, interviews won't be until July-September sometime.
  13. sems

    sems Member

    I wish these next few months would fly by! I am starting to feel very impatient haha.
  14. nickerlguyrs

    nickerlguyrs New Member

    Hey guys!
    I applied for Jan 2015, just wondering if anybody knows wether or not there is a Facebook group set up for Jan 2015 applicants?
    Good luck to everyone!
    - Nicole
  15. sems

    sems Member

    Hey Nicole :) I haven't been able to find one! I would love to chat with other people who are as nervous as me haha.
  16. nickerlguyrs

    nickerlguyrs New Member

    Whats your Facebook name? ill add you! haha
  17. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    So what roles are people hoping to get and/or interested in? I'm studying costume so naturally I wanted that role, but it's not available on the Aus/NZ program :( But hopefully I might still be able to do a bit of networking and learn a lot from being there. I would really love to work in attractions, I like working with people and especially would like to work on one of the rides, but I'd be happy to do a few other things like merchandise, character attendant, vacation planner and recreation. I think I'd like to work at EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, but to be honest, I'm not all that fussy! :)
  18. nickerlguyrs

    nickerlguyrs New Member

    I'd love to do vacation planner - as my field of study is travel & tourism. But id also really like merchandise or character attendant.
    I've been trying to get into this program for about two years now and had to change my courses and everything, so really crossing my fingers because Jan 2015 will be my last opportunity to apply!
  19. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    Oh well good luck Nicole! :) Have you interviewed for the program before?
  20. karthik

    karthik New Member

    I KarThik Hello!

    I have applied for recruitment of previously so excited, but (was told to apply in 2015 January) diploma tafe I was not completed until June 2014 approved I do not unfortunately order. It is good at giving enough time to save me!

    From workers before you are traveling on YouTube videos Buirogu usually looking up
    From there Australia or New Zealand and I so listen to their stories, I'd suggest!

    To see it is recommended they live and tour of their home, or do them! Will.
    I can help (it)

    Starting :) Wait til May to apply the 2015 January

    By the way, lives in Sydney, Australia

    ...... Good luck .....

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