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  1. VanillaGrin

    VanillaGrin New Member

    Joined the group~~ thanks for making it : ))))
  2. Tegan Childs

    Tegan Childs New Member

    Hi there!
    Super excited to have found this discussion board!
    Has anyone submitted documents through DOCs and hasn't heard from Disney? I submitted everything on the 11th of May but haven't heard anything from Disney, not even a confirmation that they received my documents. Anyone else in the same boat??
  3. LilyHolz

    LilyHolz New Member

    Yup. I've heard that if you don't submit a document they'll tell you that you're missing documents so not getting any response is actually better than getting one. :) Our next email should be this month about interview invites so hang in there.
  4. potatofeet

    potatofeet New Member

    For all of you that have an interview coming up with for the January intake, I recently made a video on a guide to the interview process, I got accepted for the August 2014 intake so you might find it helpful :)
  5. LilyHolz

    LilyHolz New Member

    Thanks! That was an awesome video full of great advice. I'll share it with everyone on the facebook page :) Are you going to be making any more Disney videos?
  6. potatofeet

    potatofeet New Member

    thanks a lot :) yeah I will be making them the entire time I am over there and a few before hand if anyone has any suggestions on things they want to know about?
  7. LilyHolz

    LilyHolz New Member

    I'll check the facebook group and see if there's anything specific that anyone wants to know about.

    Purely for my own curiosity, how long did you wait between applying/applications being open and receiving invitations to interview? Also how long after interviewing did you hear? I know it's not vlog worthy material but some of us have been waiting over two months for an interview invite and we're starting to get pretty anxious. Would love the inside scoop on how long it's supposed to take.
  8. potatofeet

    potatofeet New Member

    I applied October 2013 and didn't hear anything until march 2014 so I really think it depends on when you apply. It took about 4 weeks to hear back after the interview, you get put in the "post interview stage" which feels like the longest stage of your whole life, but some people heard back a week before me so it varies between 3-4 weeks :)
  9. LilyHolz

    LilyHolz New Member

    Wow that's insane! Have you sorted out your visa stuff? How long was there between getting accepted and your departure date? Are you worried about not having enough time?

    The interviews I have to attend (Melbourne) aren't going to be until early Sept so if we don't hear back for 3-4 weeks we will only have Oct, Nov and Dec to organize Visas and Insurance. Starting to worry we'll be pressed for time.

    Sorry, about the interrogation. I just have so many questions :p
  10. potatofeet

    potatofeet New Member

    I'm actually going to Sydney to get my visa on Wednesday next week, I got accepted like early may and I'm leaving on the 5th August I think it will be fine, I was a little worried about the visa being late but that ended up being really easy to organise, Disney sent out my Visa last week. You'll definitely have enough time to everything, just make sure you go through their check list they end you once you get accepted (they send you a link to the official check list as well), its really helpful, it kind of gives you a guide line of what order to do things and when it needs to be done by.
  11. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    Thanks so much, that's such an awesome video, so helpful :D When you started talking about BBB I freaked a little bit because that's my dream role (I'm a costumer and a facepainter) either that or Pirate's League, but since it's not on the role request sheet I figured they didn't offer it to icp's, but I think I might at least mention it in my interview now. Can I ask what role you got offered in the end? Was it BBB?
  12. amanda92

    amanda92 New Member

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to apply for Jan 15 - Im from Wellington, NZ - But I missed the presentation and interviews in my city in march. Does anyone know if they conduct a second round of interviews/presentations? I have heard of the recruiters coming back between july and september but im not sure if this is just for the august intake or if its also for the jan intake? Thanks!

  13. Becsta

    Becsta New Member

    The March/April interviews were only for the August intake so you haven't missed out. The upcoming interviews are only for the January '15 intake, however I know that offer letters about the interviews have already gone out to people in NZ (but not the Aussies yet) because the interviews are in early August. I don't know if applications are still open but I would be applying ASAP if you want to be interviewed.
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