WDW Cultural Representative Program UK Applicants 2014

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by kghimire, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    I wish August would just get here already!! I hate this waiting and uncertainty
  2. SRodgie

    SRodgie New Member

    Me too! Is it definitely going to be august when applications open then?
  3. Louise.y

    Louise.y New Member

    Looking at some previous applicants blogs they seemed to open them up in August, so hopefully will be the same this year
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  4. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    I wish August would hurry up and come round also. I check my email 2/3 times today waiting for yummy jobs to come up! :(
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  5. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    Considering it's May 16th, I'm sure August will be here in no time! :D This year is actually going scarily fast. I need to decide which Disney character I should go as for Halloween pretty soon, any suggestions?

    Does anyone know what this Facebook group is called by the way?
  6. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    Most of the Facebook groups are secret so if there are anyone you don't want them to know that you are applying they wont see it. I belong to one of the groups but I don't know if there are any more......
  7. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    That's true, it feels like May is whizzing by so hopefully the applications won't be too late on in August! Want to know and plan and save!
  8. sems

    sems Member

    When does the UK program start?
  9. Pip101

    Pip101 Member

    The applications normally open around the end of August, pre-screen late September/ early October and last interview is round the end of October. As for starting could be as quick as 4 weeks after you get accepted to over a year. Though this is only a outline as I think it has changed lately.
  10. SRodgie

    SRodgie New Member

    How have you got it so that yummy jobs email you? Would be a lot easier than having to check the website daily :)
  11. dannyhunteruk

    dannyhunteruk New Member

    I applied via the disney website months ago and received another email from Yummy this week telling me thanks for the application and that they'd hold it until they open up again in the summer.
  12. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    ^ I just received the same email, bring on August :D
  13. Emilieleger

    Emilieleger New Member

    I got the same email last week, so now it's just a waiting game :)
  14. ococircusboy

    ococircusboy New Member

    I did the exact same thing. I called yummy jobs and the staff explained that the disney route direct is used by some countries but it's yummy jobs for us UK appliacants.

    ^just saw the last on the emails and I got one too.
  15. Luigi Saggiomo

    Luigi Saggiomo New Member

    hallo together! I have a question and I hope somebody can help me. I send the form on the web site from International Services two day`s ago. But still now I don`t get any confirmation mail. Could it be a problem with the aply? Or did they work so slowly?

  16. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Do you need to sign up for Yummy Jobs emails? I'm sure I'll see when the applications open, but just incase I don't I'd like to sign up for some emails.
  17. ococircusboy

    ococircusboy New Member

    Not sure but yummy jobs told me that the update would be via their Facebook page and to follow that.
    So I liked the page then put notifications on so I get their updates
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  18. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

  19. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

  20. ococircusboy

    ococircusboy New Member

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