18th June 2013 Start

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by lvsim, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. lvsim

    lvsim New Member

    Heyy guys!!

    So us lot of have just found out that we are going to be doing the CRP next year and I seem to be the only one out of us lot going on the fabulous date that issss .... 18th June 2013!

    Would really love to know if I have a plane buddy or whether I shall be on the plane looking like a lonerrrrr!

    Let me know :) EXCITEMENT!!!!!
  2. cannp123165

    cannp123165 New Member

    Hi! I'm starting on 18th June too in Merch in the UK Pavilion. I've booked my flight and one of the others who starts on that date has too! What job are you doing? :) And Congratulations!
  3. liberal

    liberal New Member

  4. Nate_Himself

    Nate_Himself New Member

    hey guys, im a lucky june 18ther aswell haha :)

    alex... u were dec 4th 2010 right?

    if so we have the same arrival date again!
  5. liberal

    liberal New Member

    In 2010 I actually started the 7th of December... Ur going back too? Awesome!
  6. Nate_Himself

    Nate_Himself New Member

    yeah i remember now it was the 7th, i just arrived in orlando on the 4th haha
  7. liberal

    liberal New Member

    I arrived the 4th too... Stayed at a horel with Kaz and all those ppl.
    This time Im arriving the 17th... :) just to get checked in early and get to choose room :p

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