3rd of December 2013 start date

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by wil_burge, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. wil_burge

    wil_burge New Member

    I got my email yesterday and i will start on the 3rd of December and will be working in food and beverage at the UK pavilion . There a couple of people that also have this date i was just curious if anyone else has ?
  2. Titi Mede

    Titi Mede New Member

    Hey! I have the same start date, i'll be in merchandise at Mexico's pavilion, and I don't know of someone else with the same date..
  3. Dani Jasso

    Dani Jasso New Member

    Im going too in this date... To f&b in mexican pavilion! And i Know about a Few more in this date.... Lol :)

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