7th September 2010 start date anyone?

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by 03goodl, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Hey everyone

    I literally found out this evening i will be going to Disney World on the 7th of September to do Food & Bev in the UK pervillion.

    Does anyone eles have that start date?

    Can't wait for the magic to beggin ;D
  2. Jenny:)

    Jenny:) New Member

    hey hey yep me 2!!!im food and bev aswell literally cannot wait....roll on 7th september whoop whoop ;D
  3. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member


    I finally have someone going the same day....Where do you live maybe we can fly out together??

    What interview were u at i was on the Friday!!!

    I can't wait i'm glad i found somone i can now talk to AHHH
    P.S sorry if i met you cause i did meet a Jenni i just loose track of people on this thing lol ;D
  4. Jenny:)

    Jenny:) New Member

    no dont worry i was at the monday interviews so we were'nt there together!!!
    i know ure the first one ive heard goin out on the 7th lol
    Im from Northern Ireland so im meant 2 b flying from Belfast but im sure i will have connecting flites in London!!
    were u from???
    soooo excited lol xx :D
  5. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member


    Good good cause that would have been so embarrising if i had met you lol!!

    I'm Lucy by the way i'm 18 from Surrey so i will probaly be flying out from London hethrow!!

    Bit about me: I am currently complteting A-levels so this will be a gap year. I have recently quit a part time job in McDonalds to do a summer job at thorpe park which is just as exciting and i'm hoping to go to uni to study tourism manegment next year!!

    AHHH is this a dream come true or what....I can't wait hopfully some more people will join this convo i think it's good to get to know people a bit before you go out so it's not such a big shock to the system lol!!!

    So what do you do ect??
  6. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hello ladies,

    Congratulations for being accepted, you are gonna have the time of your lives.... I will be arriving to Orlando on Sept the 7th as well and I will be joining the Guest Relations team... I am mexican but I am living for now in Fort Lauderdale. Can't wait to meet you arrivals, is it going to be your first disney experience?


  7. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Thanks i can't wait i hope it will be the best year of my life!!

    And yes this is my first Dinsey exsperience can't wait

    Guest relations sounds cool what programme is that with?

  8. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hi Lucy, the first time is always the most magical one, so get ready for that...

    Guest Relations is a program that allows you to learn a lot about the company but that implies a lot of responsabilities. There is one Guest Relations office at every park and one at Downtown Disney and those offices are the places where the cast members take care of all the guest complains, it doesn't matter what, so you must be very knowledegable about the company and also you must be very patiente to deal with all those difficult situations. Guest Relations also give you the chace to be VIP tour guide, which means that the people who wants to pay for private tours like celebrities or guest who just love privacy, can have the opportunity to be guide by a guest relations cast member. Definitely a great opportunity to learn and develop your making desicions skills, there are certain requirements to apply, first you must have some previous disney experience, at least for Mexico 2 previous programs ( I don't know if it's the same thing for all countries allowed to participate in the program) and you must be able to speak a 3rd language. Anyways, you can get adittional information now that you are going to WDW in case that you want to consider Guest Relations for the future.


  9. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Wow that sounds amazing you'll have to tell me when i'm there if you get to meet any cool celebrities lol!! I don't think that programme is offered in the UK!! I could not do it anywho as i'm not very good with langauges to start with and can only speak english lol!!
  10. Jenny:)

    Jenny:) New Member

  11. Jenny:)

    Jenny:) New Member

    I did the quote thing wrong hehe my reply at the end!!!lol i love technology....nt xx
  12. con8r

    con8r New Member

    Hey Jenny were you from in Northern Ireland? I am from Ballymoney and start on August 17th.
  13. seanr

    seanr New Member

    I start 7th sept aswell in F and B,and Im from Belfast. Jenny was speaking to you in the train station, right? will have 2 creep on nikki's page and find you on facebook. roll on 7th sept!

  14. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Hey nice to meet you!!

    I'm Lucy from surrey f&b on the 7th of september too!! Can't wait....I was at the Friday interviews so did not meet you.
  15. Jenny:)

    Jenny:) New Member

    yeh sean that was me at the train station lol ya hear nikki mite be coming out 2 orlando around september aswell ;D wud be awesome!!!yeh i'll have a wee facebook stalk 4 ya 2 lol!!
    hey conor im from Templepatrick near Belfast...seems like a rite few of us goin over from Northern Ireland!! :D u start before me Lucy and Sean then... you'll have 2 show us the ropes wen we get there haha wot interview were u at??
  16. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Someones going to have to show me i don't think i will have a clue what to do lol!!!
  17. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Ok we already have a wkd group of people going out on the 7th but the 21st seem to have alot more people is there anyone eles out there who is leaving on the 7th??

    Everyone eles i know offically have my flights booked it's starting to get scarily real lol!!!
  18. Joaquin

    Joaquin New Member

    Hello, my name is Joaquin and I'm from Mexico, I arrive at Flo. on Sept. 7th to start my CRP, aside from Medardo i didn't know anyone else starting on that date, and even if it still 6 months till that I'm pretty excited, I sure hope time will fly fast. Nice meeting you!!!

    Medardo, ya te mande friend request papa, Joaquin Muñoz, ya estamos conectados, saludos!
  19. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member



    I know it's 6 months but still so exciting most people on the forum who are from the UK seem to be going on the 21st so its nice to meet more people starting on the 7th!!
  20. Joaquin

    Joaquin New Member

    Thanks for the welcoming, yes, it is nice to know that there are future fellow cast members counting the days until Sept 7th as I do. I'm 24 and I'm gonna work in Merchandise at the Mexican pavillion, how about you?

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