7th September 2010 start date anyone?

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by 03goodl, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Joaquin, I saw your request, we'll chat soon, of course I remember you, I saw you a lot of times during my second program when I was living at Vista Way, and now we will be arrivals, how cool!!!!!

    03goodl, are you so far the only UK person arriving on the 7th? If so don't worry, you won'ty be alone, you have 2 mexican friends already.

  2. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member


    Totally we should rock and rol in mexico!!
    I found about 3 UK people arriving on my date so far which is wkd there just seems to be less then the 21st of September then again there are a lot of people who would have got offers not on this forum!!
  3. RachSteele

    RachSteele New Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm flying out on 7th september too, and im in merchandise! :) x x x x
  4. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member


    YAY I have found someone eles!!

    where are you from the UK? If so whereabouts

    I'm Lucy from Surrey i'm flying out 7th to do food and bev can't wait it's going to be GREAT!!
  5. RachSteele

    RachSteele New Member

    Yeah I'm from Cheshire, so quite a long way from surrey! yeah its gna be good! Hopefully we will find more people flying out on our date! x x
  6. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Do you know what airport you will be going from?? I'm going BA from gatwick? any chance the same flight? ;D
  7. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hey Sept 7th arrivals, how are you? What's new? ahve you found any other people arriving the same day? Invite them to the forum if so :)
  8. blade85

    blade85 New Member

    I was scheduled to arrive on oct 19th and they gave me an earlier departure date, sept 7th. anyone else arriving on that day? add me on fb: augusto de rosa
  9. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Hey that was lucky!

    What are you going to be doing out there?

    I'm doing UK food and Bev YAY!!
  10. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hey Augusto, how cool now you will be arriving with us, you are fron Italy right?
  11. dreamcometrue

    dreamcometrue New Member

    hey i'm Matteo Meneghini (Italian F&B) comin' on 7th of september too!!! ;)
  12. Remy

    Remy Guest

    Hi !!! I arrive to the Mexican Pavilion on September 7 too !!!
  13. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hey, 2 new arrivals for sept 7th, how exciting :). Welcome guys, when did u guys have ur interview? Remy, which position are u gonna work in? Tell us more, I can't wait to meet u all.

  14. JFparma

    JFparma New Member

    hey Everyone!
    I just found out about this thread... as some of you know, I'm also departing on Sep 7 for a Guest Relations position.
    By the way, I got my Disney info package today! YAY! Departure feels closer already!

    Matteo: ciao, ti organizza il viaggio la Disney? Io partirò sicuramente da Milano ma, stando a quello che c'è nel pacchetto, mi prenoteranno il volo solo una volta ottenuto il visto. In bocca al lupo per il ristorante!

    Talk to ya'll soon.

  15. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Wow, you already got ur package Jenny, how exciting, congratulations, I want mineeeeeee :)
  16. JFparma

    JFparma New Member

    hey Medardo...don't worry about it, it'll get to you! Let us know when it does.
    The funniest thing is that I received it on one of the very few days i'm not the first one to get home and check the mail. :)
  17. topofox

    topofox New Member

    So, anyone else has received the packet already, or it has been only Jenny so far?, Oh my god, less than 2 months, I can't wait :)

  18. FlodiaLady;)

    FlodiaLady;) New Member

    Hey guys!

    I also will come to Florida on September 7th :)
    Today I got the mail and I can`t believe it! :eek:
    I`ll be on Merchandise, is there anybody else ?

    Greetings Linda ;)
  19. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Heya linda

    What country are you from??

    I'm flying out the 7th to do F&B in the UK pavillion can't wait xx
  20. topofox

    topofox New Member

    Hi Linda, welcome to the sept 7th arrivals team, tell us more about u, where are u from?

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