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  1. poppet

    poppet New Member

    remember i eat kidz, feed off them
  2. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    Hey guys!!!

    Cant believe we are up to page 3 on this already!! What u all like lol!!

    Well I have been at work all day, after only getting in at 1am this morning due to stupid british airways delaying all their flights!!!! Soooooooooo tired!!

    Still, getting a bit nervous now tho. The wait isn't too bad for me tho, I waited 9 weeks the last time so 2 is nothing LOL!!

    Hope u are all ok, I had a fantastic day yesterday, made some great friends!!

    Clairey xxx
  3. Aya

    Aya New Member

    Hey guys i cant believe i only got to see two of yu claire n james!!!! but it was really great to meet u both!!
    Everyones said it all i thought my interview went major crap i was um-ing n err-ing thru it all n i dont think i made it look like i wanted it enough :-\ im pretty much sure i havnt got in so jus waiting to see how they word the refusal email :( soo unconfident but its over now! There were so many great people just think of all the people in that presentation room and 40 of those have already been chosen to go.....
    imagine if your names on that list....lol still good luck guys xx
  4. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    aya, i was doing the same....it was alll BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH,i waffled so much....dont think anything i said made sence at all lol

    just hope she was a good mind reader....i was begging for a job in my head lol
  5. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Haha I love how I'm trying not to think about it, and yet I still read this thread. It's not really helping matters haha.
  6. suzyfluzy

    suzyfluzy New Member

    Well I feeel sick, have tbh when i first came out i did think i done my very best. and I still do, and if thats not good enough then hey ill jus b devastated! wen i was speakin 2 the yummy jobs man haha cant even member his name, he did say we should hear within a week, but they always say two weeks jus incase michelle doesnt get everything done or sumthing, and its an email for a no and a maybe and a fonecall for a yes.
    welll i think pretty much every1 who was there yesterday deserves a place so good luck, we will soon no :D xxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. domsaunders58

    domsaunders58 New Member

    Hahahaha that was well funny

    How was your fashion thing afterwards
  8. PrincessPurple

    PrincessPurple New Member

    Hey Suzy, i don't know if we met or not but hey! I feel pretty similar to you - i felt like i did my best and proper put my heart into it but i'm still scared it wasn't good enough. I just feel like i'm about to get my heart broken, all these nerves have made me feel so ill as well which isn't helping. Its horrible, cos i feel like if i don't get a phone call this week then i may have blown it. And just seeing an email from them is gonna be torture. I'm so worried :-( xx
  9. domsaunders58

    domsaunders58 New Member

    Me2 I feel like im waiting just to be told I'm not going
  10. Harrysurrey

    Harrysurrey New Member

    hey guys! I honestly felt my interview did not go well! I was talking about disney quite casually then i said and "my favourite disney film is..." and my mind went blank i was like - eh, urm, eh, (this went on for like 20 seconds) then i finally spat out Bambi - which hasnt been the case for like 15 years lol! i looked like a total retard! They guy i went in with kept stealing all my answers! He had alot more experiecne then me so kinda out shone me! lol! Oh dear! So i am not to confident about it! But good luck to everybody! I did not meet hardly anyone yesterday i was sat on the total opposite side of the room from the chatty lot where i would have like to have been! it was quite annoying! So guys, my interview was catergorically awful! lol!

    Have fun guys and good luck

  11. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Have faith everyone :) My interviewer told me there were loads of places ;D :D but good luck to everyone again :)

  12. klingon911

    klingon911 New Member

    lol, the torment you must all be going through!

    Im nervous about waiting for a phone interview in January lol! :D
  13. cowza

    cowza New Member

    I always feel bad when I come out of interviews coz it always feels like I was babbling or stuttering because the words wouldn't come out of my mouth that I wanted to say hahaha.

    I did interviews today and yesterday also so had that lovely nervous sicky feeling to deal with both times. I much preferred the Walt Disney World College day though as Kim was really nice and made you feel excited and at ease. I won a prize also :) Sounds like the cultural programme day was very similar.

    I tried my best and will just be hoping along with the rest of you. Goodluck everyone!


    P.S Weren't the Disney offices amazing though? When I was being taken to the interview room one of the people from the agency got lost so I was thrilled to be able to see alot more of it. I was really impressed with the presentation room I was in for Disney Cruise Lines. It had been decorated to resemble Narnia slightly. Coolest office to work in ever!
    I know Disney made the film but there was a random Uma Thurman 'Kill Bill' standup in one of the office cubicles... kind of made me laugh coz it was a bit out of place surrounded by all the animated characters haha.
  14. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    yeah i loved the disney offices!

    im trying to remember what i said to kim during my interview...but i cant....i cant evaluate what happened! eeeek!!!
  15. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- New Member

    I think it is a problem how nice they are! I mean, even if you walked in and didnt talk all the way through the interview, they would still make you feel good about it. I think thats why they select them, to have that feel good factor.
  16. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    Hey Guys

    I vividly remember mines lol. Jst cant wait to find out now! Hopefully sometime nxt week eh!

  17. Aya

    Aya New Member

    omg iv startd thinkin abt it again aahhhh i wana go so much but i kno my interview didnt go as good as i had hoped jus thinkin abt goin thru the whooole process again.. i will do it!! i will achieve my goal!!
    Just think the people have already been chosen all the people we were there with a lucky 40 of them/you whole lives would have changed now n u dont even realise......
  18. Aya

    Aya New Member

    ...too dramatic lol?
  19. PrincessPurple

    PrincessPurple New Member

    I didn't realise it was that many. I thought it was only 20. If it is 40, thats so good. But it didnt seem like many ppl over 50 were there. I dunno :-(, it all seems a bit of a blur now!! xx
  20. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    Yeah i thought there was only about 50 - 60 people there!! i didnt really count tho coz i was too nervous about other stuff!!
    Aya how do you know theres 40 gettin picked??!! Omg this feels like x factor or somethin!! LOL!
    Oh and we were lookin out for you hun but we couldnt see you!! we were like "wheres charlotte" LOL!!
    Omg these last 2 days have dragged!! I dunno how many more i can take!! :(

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