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  1. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Don't give up guys! One of the Yummy Jobs people told a group of us at the end that there is a new international programme in the making. No idea what it might involve but my guess would be that it would be a more flexible work programme considering with the cultural programme they have limited roles and location to fill.

  2. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Woah thats mint :eek: I'd love to work in attractions or characters or sumet ;D :D still brickin it ere :p ::)

  3. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    wooop its a party of nerves in ere!
  4. domsaunders58

    domsaunders58 New Member

    I keep jumping up everytime the phone rings
    and I'm too scared to read my email lol
  5. cowza

    cowza New Member

    I thought character performer would be imense so i put down at my interview but Kim said the character jobs were scarce and there weren't any available at the moment :-( So I think it's hard to do that. I was grateful there was lots of different choices though. Goodluck again mate!

    I must say with these interviews I was real real glad there weren't any of those silly questions like 'Think of a time when you were angry... what did you do to overcome the situation?'. Don't interviews like that just suck?

  6. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    Haha im the same Dom!!! Proper freak out everytime the phone rings and i keep refreshin my email!!! I feel like im goin mad!!! ???

  7. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    And im still brickin it too James!!! LOL!! Think everyone is!!

  8. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    I thought character performer would be imense so i put down at my interview but Kim said the character jobs were scarce and there weren't any available at the moment :-( So I think it's hard to do that. I was grateful there was lots of different choices though. Goodluck again mate!

    Yeh I think all the chatacter performers are member of equity or sumet so thats a no go situation lol.

    woah i go out n then come on ere n check my emails n that allll the time lol. feel lyk a right goon :p lol
    this is killing me ::)

  9. Gail_d1985

    Gail_d1985 New Member

    I'm really hoping they let us know soon!!! Almost half the ppl didnt turn up 4 the interviews 4 the grad shceme yesterday tho so I'm hoping that'll go in my favour!!!
  10. cowza

    cowza New Member

    James - You don't have to be an equity member to be a character but it's a really popular role and I suspect they usually have enough american applicants. And don't worry about the excessive checking of email. I'm the same! And I guess we have to do something to fill the time. Haha.

    Gail - The Yummy Jobs guy told me there wasn't a definite number being recruited for the college programme - for these September interviews anyway. You were just competing with yourself really. He said if your interviewer thought you would fit into the programme you would get it. So you can be hopeful :) I'm still really nervous to find out tho. I want to do it so badly!
  11. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    cowza, did kim measure you? maybe they wernt looking for your height range at that time!
  12. lucy_corfu

    lucy_corfu New Member

    hey finally got on this thing!!! i had tried to get my mind off it but reading all those post im sooo scared!!! DOM firstly you were the funniest person i met all day and thought you would be cool working there!!! CLAIREEEEEEEEEEEEE im on it!!! loved interviewing with you and good luck! if the guys cant get hold of u will they just leave a message?? very hoping they dont!!
    did everyone get home ok?? xx
  13. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Haha yeah....after navigating the underground as the line I wanted was closed! (stupid District Line).

    I found my questions to be somewhat 'boring' if you can call them that. I just wasn't able to convey my want, need and enthusiasm for all things magic!
  14. lucy_corfu

    lucy_corfu New Member

    i think it was a long day for everyone really. and after getting there early (with zero sleep the night before) then a presentation then waiting around its understandable how some people will be losing the will to be there!! unless it was a test of enduarance! x
  15. cowza

    cowza New Member

    No she said the availability of the character jobs is always changing and this time she wasn't given any to allocate :-( I guess I could always be pleasantly surprised but am hoping if they accept me on the programme I'm given attractions instead.
  16. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    argh sum1 post a message i cnt stand checkin this every 10 mins to find that no1 is sayin nefin lol argggh im so scared :p

    Anyone rekon tomorrow is the day?

  17. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    LUUUUUCY!!! lol! Me too - I hope we done a good job lol!!

    Well I'm hoping its tomorrow lol - like everyone is. Prob wont be tho - i think thats a bit soon. We can only hope tho!

    Good 2 see u on here Lucy I was worried incase I couldnt get in contact with u lol!

  18. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    I am wetting myself with nerves here!!!! I'm kinda thinkin 2mo will be the day coz its monday and people like to get stuck into jobs for the week on a monday!!! Guess we can only hope and pray!!!

    Im soooooooooooo scared tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  19. suzyfluzy

    suzyfluzy New Member

    i will b amazed if it will b monday, cos there were interviews b4 the 26th and nt sure if them guys have even herd yet tho, but like ya's say we can only hope.
    im totally wetting myself wit nerves too......now the clock keeps ticking the more i keep thinking i didnt gt it, its awful ahhhh! any1 got facebook? maybe we could set up a group on there, my link is..... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591450531
    xxxxxxxxxx ;D
  20. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    Im on facebook!! Amy Houlihan.
    The only reason im thinkin it may be monday is coz people who got through last time found out 2 days after the interview!!! :-\
    I dunnoooooooo aaaaah its drivin me nuts!!!!!!


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