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  1. PrincessPurple

    PrincessPurple New Member

    Bless you Amy! I'm trying to pre occupy myself and finding it near to impossible. I feel like i can't settle til i know. I'd love to find out tomorrow, but i got a feeling its gonna be more of a wait :-(. My facebook is Stefanie Treliving. A group thing sounds like a gd idea!

  2. DisneyAngel

    DisneyAngel New Member

    hope every1 of u did great & best wishes to u all..
  3. lucy_corfu

    lucy_corfu New Member

    im excited, i think it will happen on thursday. are we all letting each other know if we get it?? i think i will tell everyone in the world! what are people going to do if they dont get it? i thought travelling for a year... xx
  4. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Going to try again if I don't get it send my CV n Cover Letter in stright away lol. This is truely killing me lol I had a crazy disney dream last night. loads of ppl were in that pool n dancin around to the "Trashin' the camp" song from tarzan lol (my favourite song :p) n then every1 went to MK to watch wishes lol. Oh man I'm excited now :p lol Hope everyone does well ;D :D ::)

  5. ciara_deara

    ciara_deara New Member

    I found out on a wednesday, lol try and preoccupy yourself! if the worst happens and you don't get in you'll be devastated so try not to think about it so much.
  6. cowza

    cowza New Member

    Haha. That is brilliant! Were people using the appliances around the pool to make music? I always thought a sunbed would make an amazing musical instrument haha.

  7. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    right, this isnt helping!

    has any else noticed theres more florida adverts on telly now and also this morning i was woken up by a phone call which really didnt help my nerves lol...some american guy shouted 'congratulations!youve just won a holiday in florida!please press 9 to find out more'....bloody spam call centre phone calls....THAT DID NOT HELP!
  8. ciara_deara

    ciara_deara New Member

    lol yeah totally agree! since i got accepted loads of orlando and disney adverts have come on tv! and everytime i see them i scream!! lol so excited now!
  9. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    You know I don't think we should until the two weeks are up (i.e. 10th October) as it's bad enough having to worry about getting it or not, without stressing that everyone else has already found out!
  10. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    Meeee!! I keep seein looads of Orlando adverts!!! I think im goin insane!! LOL!!

    xxxx :-\
  11. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    so if we dont get any emails then its a very good sign! woooooooooooooop! 5 days with no email so far!
  12. suzyfluzy

    suzyfluzy New Member

    yer same, haha,
    im getting extremly excited, but the longer this wait keeps on going the more i think o i didnt gt it, and its only been likes 5 days haha xx any1 else feeling this too?
  13. angelamy9

    angelamy9 Member

    Yep im feelin like that too Suze!!! :-\
    Im so scared!!!

  14. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    yep!welcome to my world lol!!!

    i think theyll send us the news within the next few days....cause yummy jobs where interviewing all last week....so today would prob be the 1st day there looking at whos got in or not
  15. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Lol torpedo boys, steps, lilos and everything lol. Think you can get a good woop sound from a lilo lol (if I've spelt that right lol)


    James :D ;) ;D
  16. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Actually I think I might make one of them counter things for how long we've gone without hearing lol and then take bets on how long it is guna last :p lol

  17. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    lol there we go :D any takers? ??? 8) ;)

    James ;D
  18. domsaunders58

    domsaunders58 New Member

    I couldnt shut up the whole day
    i was well nervous
    and obv bored of sittin in the same seat for 4 and a half hours
  19. suzyfluzy

    suzyfluzy New Member

  20. CineStephie

    CineStephie New Member

    cool!ive joined lol

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