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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Piglet, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    I'm hoping someone who got that role this year can help me out :)

    I'm wondering about the audition you have to do in Florida, is it still very easy or is it true you have to perform a dance even if you're only playing a fur character?

    Any details you have on the auditions would be great i'm trying to get together some information for my blog :D Thanks x
  2. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I'm looking back through my old posts I've written from a couple of years ago as I used to write Mickey! loads about this kinda stuff. Here's the first thing I found that you might find interesting:

    3'10"-4'4" Ewok

    4'0"-4'6" Dewey, Huey, Louie

    4'6"-4'7" Daisy, Ewok, Grandma Duck, Ludwig Von Drake

    4'8"-4'9" Chicken Little, Daisy, Donald, Dopey, Ewok, Jiminy, Mickey, Minnie, Oliver, Tito

    4'9"-4'10" Daisy, Dopey, Donald, Ewok, Jiminy, Jose Carinoca, Lilo, Mickey, Minnie, Oliver, Panchito, Pinocchio, Stitch, Tito

    4'9"-4'11" Chicken Little, Lilo, Stitch

    4'10"-5'0" Abu, Baby Elephant, Bernard, Bianca, Br'er Rabbit, Chip the Teacup, Donald, Francis, Meeko, Mickey, Minnie, Mushu, Pain, Panic, Pete, Philoctetes, Piglet, Pinocchio, Roll, Tuck

    4'11"-5'1" Abby Mallard, Francis, Gadget, Roger Rabbit, Teddy Bears

    5'0"-5'2" Abby Mallard, Bashful, Darkwing Duck, Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, Georgette, Goliath, Grumpy, Hugo, Jojo, Kit Cloudkicker, Koda, Kuzco, Lampwick, Laverne, Maid Marian, Max, Mike, Jungle Book Monkeys, Perla, Pete, Pooh, Practical Pig, Quasimodo, Robin Hood, Roll, Scrooge McDuck, Sleepy, Sneezy, Stanley, Suzy, Teddy Bears, Terk, Thumper, Timon, Tuck, White Rabbit, Zowie

    5'1"-5'2" All of the above + Chip, Dale, Yellow Rabbit

    5'2"-5'3" Bullseye, Chip, Coach Mouse, Dale, Doc, Francis, Gideon, Gus Gus, Happy, Jenny Foxworth, Jessie, King Louie, Moliere, Jungle Book Monkeys, Olie, Penguin, Perla, Pooh, Sebastian, Suzy, Victor, Yellow Rabbit

    5'3"-5'4" Bullseye, Coach Mouse, Doc, Francis, Gideon, Jenny Foxworth, Happy, King Louie, Chip, Dale, Gus Gus, Jessie, Moliere, Jungle Book Monkeys, Olie, Penguin, Sebastian, Victor

    5'4"-5'6" Dodger, Fauna, Flora, Ginger Bread Man, Jaq, Kanga & Roo, Kermit the Frog, Merryweather, Rebecca Cunningham

    5'5"-5'6" Chef Louis, Mr. Smee, Mrs. Incredible, Princess Atta

    5'6"-5'7" B.E.N., Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, C3PO, Clara Cluck, Cogworth, Crocodile, Flik, Friar Tuck, Green Army Man, Lumiere, Monterey Jack, Mr. Smee, Mrs. Incredible, Ostrich, Owl, Pink Hippo, Pluto, Rafiki, Wendell

    5'7"-5'8" B.E.N., Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, C3PO, Clarabelle Cow, Snow Cogsworth, Crocodile, Eeyore, Flik, Friar Tuck, Green Army Man, Lumiere, Monterey Jack, Ostrich, Owl, Pink Hippo, Pluto, Rafiki, Snow Man, Snow Woman, Wendell

    5'8"-5'9" Banzi, Clarabelle Cow, Dumbo, Ed, Eeyore, Flounder, Green Army Man, Hippo, Kenai, Liver Lips, Miss Piggy, Monterey Jack, Mrs. Potts, Rhino, Shaker, Shenzai, Toy Soldiers, Tweedles, Walrus

    5'9"-5'10" Banzi, Big Al, Dumbo, Fat Cat, Flounder, Geppetto, Green Army Man, Hippo, Kenai, Liver Lips, Miss Piggy, Mrs. Potts, Rhino, Shaker, Shenzi, Toy Soldiers, Tweedles, Wicked Witch, Yzma

    5'10"-5'11" Big Al, Chimney Sweeps, Fantasia Alligator, Fat Cat, Flounder, Elephant-back, Foulfellow, Geppetto, Green Army Man, Peg Leg Pete, Sheriff, Stromboli, Tigger, Yzma

    5'11"-6'0" Chimney Sweeps, Elephant-back, Fantasia Alligator, Flounder, Foulfellow, Green Army Man, King Leonidas, Melvin, Sheriff, Tigger, Tweedledee, Tweedledum

    6'0-6'2" Baloo, Big Bad Wolf, Br'er Bear, Captain Hook, Genie, Goofy, Launchpad McQuack, Ratcliffe, Frollo, Queen of Hearts, Don Karnage, Elephant-front, Sweetums, Little John, Green Army Man, Vinny

    6'1"-6'3" Baloo, Br'er Bear, Goofy, Green Army Man, Launchpad McQuack, Little John, Mr. Incredible, Sweetums, Ursula, Woody

    6'2"-6'3" Baloo, Beast, Br'er Bear, Frozone, Goofy, Hades, Jafar, Kronk, Launchpad, Little John, Sulley, Sweetums, Ursula, Woody

    6'3"-6'4" Beast, Frozone, Goliath, Hades, Jafar, Kronk, Launchpad, Little John, Sweetums, Sulley, Wild Wing

    6'4"-6'5" Goliath, Sweetums

    6'6"-6'8" Chewbacca

  3. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    I also found this:

    we got given about 10 minutes to learn a very quick 2 minute routine. it was broken down into about 20 or 30 second bits which we literally went through twice, and once we had the whole dance basic routine done we went through it once and then had to perform it, i'm SO surprised people could even remember it because i looked like a right fool trying to remember the steps!
    anyway yeah and back to the animation part of the audition, the choreographer basically says to come forward for 8 counts in a cowboy style, then turn round on the spot in a pirate style for 8 counts, then i think it was walk 4 counts left and strike an evil witch pose then 4 counts right and strike another evil witch pose, then stand on the spot for 8 counts and be one of the 7 dwarfs (e.g. some people did a big yawn and i did a dramatic sneeze, silently of course!) and then we had 8 counts to be a disney princess, i did a big curtsey, smile and wave as you run off to the left as if you're leaving the stage, hopping and skipping etc hahaha. it's all very fun. then you get split up into smaller groups to do it (instead of the whole 400 people or whatever) and i think the smallest group you do it in is 10 people which is cool. there are two people at the front and they have all your numbers on the table in front of them. i think they previously sorted out that judge 1 and judge 2 will look at either the left or right side of the auditionees (or whatever the word is!) so they have 5 to look at each. then when the music plays they spend 8 counts looking at each person and mark on their number if they wanna put them through, i think it basically went like this if you didnt get any of that!:
    person 1: gets looked at by judge one on their cowboy
    2: gets looked at by judge one on their pirate
    3: gets looked at by judge one on their evil witch
    4: gets looked at by judge one on their dwarf
    5: gets looked at by judge one on their princess
    6: gets looked at by judge two on their princess (i noticed this was when i was looked at)
    7: gets looked at by judge two on their dwarf
    8: gets looked at by judge two on their evil witch
    9: gets looked at by judge two on their pirate
    10: gets looked at by judge two on their cowboy

    so basically each judge is looking from outwards to inwards!
  4. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    Omg that sounds like a lot to do for a character performer! I only wanna be a fur character so when you're in costume your face can't even be seen lol just a few more questions (sorry :-X)

    Do you know how old that post is and were they talking about the fur character audition in Florida?
    Also if you don't pass it, which i'm not sure I will.. do you get sent home or can they actually find another role for you?
  5. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    No worries, I can talk about my character experiences all day. That was for DLP but I'm sure WDW won't be much different, if at all. Everyone has to go through an animation section and dance section, whether you're a dancer or not. They just want to see your basic dance levels. I wrote that a couple of years ago but again it won't be different nowadays. There's two cuts, one after the animation section and one after the dance section. If you don't pass the animation section then you get sent home. It's pretty easy to pass the animation section as long as you're super 'Disney-fied' and painfully smiley... i.e. :D haha. Then you do the dance section, after which you either get sent home if you failed it, waitlisted if they want to use you but don't have an opening for your height, or kept on to be seen later that day to do character fittings if they see you as doing a face character, or just for a general interview if they want you for a parade dancer or fur character performer level position.
    Another thing that can either really help or hinder your application, is your height. When I went, there was a girl around 5' and pretty much had two left feet. Could not dance if her life depended on it. She could just about animate well, but no where near as well as someone plenty taller than her. She got kept on for a Mickey contract that day. Just shows you, if you're super tall or short you're pretty much safe from the get go as those heights are really in demand. If you're between that then you've gotta be a pretty decent dancer to have a shot. I'm 5'7" and got waitlisted.
    Any more questions just ask!
  6. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    I can't dance... but i'm 5'0" :D

    It's just in Florida you only sign autographs, its a basic entry level character performer so do you think perhaps your audition was more complicated cos your actually expected to move once ur a character?

    Cos character performer auditions in Florida- they aren't considering you for face at all.

    The only reason i'm asking is 1. trying to make myself feel better (hoping there's no dancing!) ha but 2. My friend Goofy said the audition was so simple you only had to wave your hands! Plus it says you'll work a different role if you don't pass but my friend said everyone passed!
  7. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Yes, you'd be given something else if you're on the ICP. But I think you'd have to be utterly shit not to pass it, especially with a height as good as yours. It might be harder for them to place you if you're at more of an average height, for example my Pluto height of 5'7", simply because it's not as popular. There's tons of Mickey's needed all over the parks, every day, all day - so if you're 5' you're gonna be in demand. Just like 6' is in demand for Goofy etc. Pluto height is the next best height you can be, after Mouse and Goofy height as Pluto's still one of the "Magic 5" as they're called. I'm kinda depending on that little piece of information so I can try go for Character Performer!
  8. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    Aww thanks for the help and advice! Do you mind if I add it to my blog? I can credit you but i'm not sure if I have you on tumblr, or u can submit some info as a question and i'll publish it :) Just a few people been asking me about what the character performers audition is like and i've been curious myself too x
  9. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Re: Re: A question for Character Performers

    Go for it! Just credit my website if you like. www.pascharix.co.uk

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  10. lalathejellybaby

    lalathejellybaby New Member

    I did character as an ICP last year - did not need to audition any point - it is no more different for an ICP then Merch/food/etc! My ICP interview spent a lot of time speaking about previous mime/dance experience and I was measured... same with my interview partner! We were both under 5" and with experience in performing and that was just the direction the interview took...no audition...we both became "mice" ! I have done Paris auditions where you have to do movement/dance workshops but with ICP you just interview like everyone else :) and NO audition once in Florida! Your role is your role as long as you dont drastically fail the training/assessment - or grow drastically - in my case the only non passes were having difficult with understanding English :)
    Best job in the world.EVER.
    Enjoy - and very jealous!
  11. lalathejellybaby

    lalathejellybaby New Member

    Also you cannot do any dance/parade - it is out of our pay range allowed by the visa. We also have no scoring as we do not audition... The closest you get ... mouse height can do dance party stitch, pluto or pinocchio do welcome show and the staples open epcot.... not much dance involved.. that brings in more money and we are not allowed that! Not sure about the goofy heighters..

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