Accepted peeps from Germany!!!!

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by cinderelli.jessy, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Créme Door

    Créme Door New Member

    HI Nicole      ;)

    I´m 19 so I will be an UNDERAGE while I´m there.  :D

    Yeah, I´m going to do the same, if she´s not going to call us, we have to become active. I´ve heard about somebody who hasn´t heard anything from International Services anymore after telling him that he´s on the waiting list...
    That´s why I asked twice if she will call me or if it necessary for me to call her, but she told me not to worry, so I will just wait.... :-\

    ya I was there as well, also on the 28th - I´m sure we have seen us ;)

    During which time are you available for WDW?

    Njoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. LuckyCharm

    LuckyCharm New Member

    Hey !!!

    Yeah, we must have seen us. I´m 21, so it´s perfect when you are in the States. I think we will hear from Noellie soon. What are you currently doing? School, working? Well I applied for June to October next year. I´m still at school, trying to make my A levels (beforehand I made apprenticeship) SO I have to interrupt one year for Disney and then continue.

    However I cant wait for Disney, it is till such a long time, at the moment I cant really imaging myself being in the States next November. I wish I could beam myself into summer 05

    Sleep tight
    talk to u later
  3. firefox

    firefox New Member

    i´m on the waiting list as well
    i hope not to long !
    i hope i get a depart time for next year september or july !

  4. Créme Door

    Créme Door New Member


    Currently I´m still at school. Next year June I will (hopefully  ::)) get my A-Level, Disney would be a break between school and `life´ after school  :D
    Yeah, I´m also very excited - still a long time to go, but it would be easier to stand out, if we´ll know our dates... You´re right - we have to be patient and all that stuff but it´s hard.
    We WAITING LIST people will make it  - Optism!!!!

    I ve applied for July - September 05.

    It´s so nice 2 talk to you guys (especially the waiting list ppl  ;D - just joking).
    Sleep tight...

  5. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member


    Schoen zu sehen, dass ihr es alle geschafft habt :) Haben wir es euch nicht gleich gesagt?? ;D Anyways, fuer die Leute die auf der waiting list sind, ich kenne auch einige, die erst auf die waiting list gekommen sind und dann auch noch angerufen wurden und ein leaving date bekommen haben. Es springen halt doch mal hier und da Leute ab, weil ihnen das departure date nicht passt, sie sich inzwischen andersweitig orientiert haben oder einfach doch nicht den mut besitzen rueber zu gehen. es wird schon alles gut ausgehen...
    denen, die jetzt schon sicher bescheid wissen, nochmal CONGRATS und ihr werdet ne super geniale zeit haben!! vielleicht kommen wir ja mal vorbei ;) ich bin ja im februar fertig mit ausbildung hier und will dann eigentlich eh wieder rueber.
    ich war auch 19 als ich das program gemacht hab, keine sorge also, wenn man underage in die usa geht. und ich fands auch den perfekten break nach dem abi und vor der ausbildung!!

    viel spass euch allen
    keep in touch

  6. flavour

    flavour New Member

    was heisst hier vielleicht kommen wir rüber?? wir kommen auf jeden fall!! :p
  7. Anni

    Anni New Member

    wenn wirklich alle leute, die bisher spontan sagen, sie einen besuchen kommen, auch wirklich kommen, dann wäre das ja echt der hit!!! ;D
  8. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    Hey flavour

    nice to hear from you again... what did you do on the weekend??? long time no talk...
    and it would be awesome if you were coming to see us next year...

    later! jessy xxx.
  9. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    yea, you definitely have to come and visit us!! we´re gonna rock orlando!!! ;D

  10. stefaniewesch

    stefaniewesch New Member

    Hey guys.....
    anybody leaving March 15th 2005??????? Or can anybody hit me up with some info about the visa process and stuff?? Would be great!!!
    Thanks already!!!!

    Talk to y´all soon!!!
  11. Vince

    Vince New Member

    hi stefanie,

    i'm also leaving on this date. we get the whole visa and info stuff 2 or 3 months before departure. don't worry about that.

    congrats by the way.

  12. stefaniewesch

    stefaniewesch New Member

    Hey Vince!!!
    I know....that´s what Noelli said...just the hole waiting process is driving me nutts...I got accepted with a departure date in April, now after 7 months have passed by I still haven´t heard from them!! It is kind of frustrating, don´t you think?????  Anyways...I´m happy it´s only another 4 months though...and I´m glad I finally got to talk to someone who´s leaving on the same date as me!!!!
    Keep in touch,

  13. Vince

    Vince New Member


    when did you have your interview? i got mine april 2004 and the waiting for march 15th is really annoying me. there's another person on this board leaving on this date: kaddy.
  14. stefaniewesch

    stefaniewesch New Member

    I had my interview April 1st in Berlin...when and where did u have urs? Vince...that doesn´t sound very German to me?? Do u have American relatives or something? And where in Germany are u from? I know...that´s waaaay to many questions....hehe
    I´m actually goin to Orlando on vacation next week...that´ll make the long wait a tiny bit shorter :)

  15. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    why are we talkin in English while we are accepted peeps from germany? lol

    bäh. :D

    Hallo Stef, ich flieg auch am 15.märz :) und war au am 1. april da. oder? lol
    vince wann warst du da? *vergesslich* :)

    lg Kaddy
  16. Vince

    Vince New Member

    kaddy, ich war am 2. april da.


    vincent ist mein zweitname, weil ich meinen ersten net mag. ;D

    ich komme ausm rheinland aus der nähe von koblenz, genaugesagt aus mayen. ein kleines kaff in der pampa. echt geil, dass du nach florida fliegst und schon mal alles ancheckst.

  17. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Heidiho :)


    Jaja, Stef, das ja cool, dass du vorher schonmal nach Orlando fliegst. Hast du Bekannte/Verwandte in Orlando oder gehst du by yourself???

    Vince hat recht, das warten is echt ä

    Ich kanns kaum erwarten noch hmmm 120 Tage... lol :)
  18. flavour

    flavour New Member

    march 15th? that's my b-day! how cool!!

    @jessy: what did i do on the weekend...well, lots of shopping (whole new outfit! love it!!), dvd-night with julia (identity and love actually) and then on sunday my boyfriend came over...well, but i did study yesterday (he made me to...)
    so what's new with you??

    yeah, i know those stories about all of your friends wanting to come over...i didn't have one single person visiting! :-( well, 2 friends already had their flights booked, but then all got cancelled through to 9/11...i would have loved to have my mum over, take her on the cruise or something...

    well, then...
    later! flavour xoxo
  19. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Das heisst vielleicht, weil ich es bestimmt versuchen werde, aber es hasse Sachen zu versprechen, die ich dann net halten kann ( siehe Paris :mad: )
    Aber natuerlich waer es SUUUUUUUPICOOL, wenn wir rueber fliegen wuerden....been too long!!!! Und dann koennten wir mit unseren 23 auch Alkohol fuer die Underage Leute reinschmuggeln!!! hehe

  20. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member


    whole new outfit, huh!!!! great.... i wish id have enough money to spend on new clothes. but.... weel, i guess id better save it for shopping in Orlando ;D
    Besides, i worked as well.. and i did a lot of reading and writing for Uni.., due to our arrangement on this whole Uni topic... hahaha
    I went dancing yesterday (Salsa). It was fun, but weve got a new coach ( no def not some of the handbags), who is from Cuba and his English sucks... I can hardly understand what hes talking about.
    Anyway, Love Actually is such a nice movie... love it

    later! jessy :-*

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