Accepted peeps from Germany!!!!

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by cinderelli.jessy, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. patgirl

    patgirl New Member

    hi, there,
    i will like to chat with you people. iam a new persaon in the field.
    Will someone like to discuss with me?
  2. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Ooops sorry, just noticed I spoke german in a general thread LOL Gott get used to this whole new layout ::)
    But it wasn't of high importance LOL
  3. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    discuss????? sure! Im down to whatever..... ;D

    what do you wanna know, ask, recommend....??????

    im sure a lot people are gonna reply.

    later! jessy
  4. stefaniewesch

    stefaniewesch New Member

    Hi there!!!
    Kaddy...freut mich dass Du auch am 15. März an board sein wirst....vieleicht haben wir uns ja sogar am recruitment day kennengelernt...we´ll find out ;D Woher kommst Du denn eigentlich?? Ich bin aus Halle.
    Vince wie ist denn Dein so verhasster Vorname wenn man fragen darf...oder soll das Dein grosses Geheimniss bleiben???? ;) Nächste Woche um die Zeit ist es so weit...endlich Urlaub!!!! Ja ich habe einige Bekannte in Central Fla. ...war das erste mal dort als ich 15 Jahre war...und seit dem zwichen 15 und 20 mal echt eine super Gegend, super nette und aufgeschlossene Leute...wird garantiert eine tolle Zeit!!!!!!! Ach im Übrigen, dies dürfte Kaddy interessieren....eine ganze Menge lecker Jungs gibt´s inklusive!!!!!!!!!! ;D

  5. flavour

    flavour New Member

    @julia: and i thought i was the blonde one! haha!! about coming over...well, you'll probably be there already! but then we could go to orlando and then go on our 'final trip'! haha!! california, here we come!

    @jessy: well, made a little money during oktoberfest and i hadn't been shopping for ages...and since it was all h&m it wasn't that bad! haha! but yeah, save your money for orlando!!
    well, i'm through with my book, typing everything in my laptop now, hoping that way i'll kinda memorize some stuff! next week i'm going home, hope i'll find some time for studying there as well!!

    later! flavour xoxo
  6. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Don't forget I wanna go blonde when I finished my contract here. So I'm kinda just trying to fit into the role and the responsibility that comes with it ;D I'm trying to study, too, it's just TOO MUCH! It doesn't seem like there's an end to it! I probably should have started earlier. I also type everything on the computer and I'm through with social studies, just about 5 more subjects to go HAHA! I even gave myself a tv and computer ristriction! :( Just want it to be over!
    Let's see where I'll be after the contract, nothing is decided yet!

  7. stefaniewesch

    stefaniewesch New Member

    I finally got my package too!!!!! ;D It was about time...after not hearing from Disney at all in the past seven months!!!!!!
    Orlando....better get ready!!!! :D
    Greetz to everybody who´s on the waiting list...gotta think positive!  Whatever is meant to be, will be!!

    Stef ;)
  8. Vince

    Vince New Member

    hey steffi,

    I also recieved my package today.

    Wir können uns ja weiter im Deutschen Stammtisch unterhalten. Weil ich denke es werden noch viele Fragen aufkommen. hehee

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