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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by shannonlondon, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. shannonlondon

    shannonlondon New Member

    Just thought Id start a thread for all of us lucky people who will be working in Universal this summer...

    So i'll start off, Im Shannon from London and I will be a Sales Associate :)
  2. KateT324

    KateT324 New Member

    Hey guys haven't posted really on here! But I'm off to universal too got my email today was so happy! Got attraction attendant and I'm Kate from Wales :) well done to everyone! Bet everyone is so relieved! Xx

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  3. lalathejellybaby

    lalathejellybaby New Member

    Well done all round!!
    Facebook group needed me think!
    Someone!! ? !
  4. gosh_a_monster

    gosh_a_monster New Member

    I'mm Becky from Leeds and I'm going to be a sales associate :)
  5. Lizzie0207

    Lizzie0207 New Member

    Good idea!

    Well done everyone!

    I'm Lizzie, from Sunderland and I got the job of service in food
  6. KateCraft

    KateCraft New Member

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm Kate from Wolverhampton and I got Busser!! :D

    So excited!!! ;D
  7. KateT324

    KateT324 New Member

    Has anyone paid the full amount and what do we do about flights does anyone know? Or do yj sort that out? I can't wait the summer is going to be the best! I really wanna be placed in wizarding world of Harry potter! :)
    Well done again everyone! Such an achievement!

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  8. box_zak1

    box_zak1 New Member

  9. OhBrendy

    OhBrendy New Member

    Hi!! I'm Megan from Northern Ireland and I got a place as a busser :D

    So excited!
  10. Zendorphin

    Zendorphin New Member

    So what are your start and end dates?

    Also, I suggested to the other people in my program that we start some form of friendly competition between Universal and Disney cast where we compete in various activities. :) I'm sure that type of thing has happened in the past... but what do you think?

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