Advice to read BEFORE considering the College Program

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by msilver16, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. msilver16

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  2. neevyweevy

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    I think the person who wrote that is slightly bitter! It's not an accurate or comprehensive account of the average cp experience at all!
  3. VikkiLillyBee

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    In reading that article I mentioned counteractions to every single complaint, and I haven't even been out there yet. It seems as if he went there under false pretenses, and didn't fully understand what rules and regulations were in place. I'm looking at applying for the CRP and I already know about the rent coming out of the paychecks... rent that includes ALL your bills and as such is cheaper than any rent i'd get here in the UK. I alreayd know about the no visitors after 1am. You are sharing a room with someone... it makes total sense to not invade their privacy for the sake of your own enjoyment. Every single work rule is the same as I alreayd have to abid by in my current job, and I don't complain about it. And $5 for 2 weeks?! If he's getting paid $6 and hour, he had to have taken more than 1 day off.

    Bitter man who didn't do his research properly, and the program wasn't right for him. Do your research, make your own mind up. Don't get twisted by either Disney, or the bitter people who didn't enjoy it. Simple.
  4. The person who wrote that article has clearly taken everything and blown it way out of proportion. And $5???? I seriously doubt that!
  5. Tinkershell

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    Thats really harsh on Disney, the guy is stupid if he didn't read the rules and regulations before signing them! Rent is only $80 - $110 a week isn't it? meaning at most he'd have worked about 19 hours that week to pay a $110 rent. Are they not 30 hours minimum contracts?? hmm I think he prob got the decision to leave or be terminated and was bitter! xoxox
  6. kazmanatee

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    I just read this article... I think that even at the beginning you can tell that this person is bitter due to their complaint that men were asked to cover tattoos and wear only one ring... this is common practice in most places of work, regardless of if you are working around children or not!

    Basically if you are accepted onto the program just make sure that you read through the papers which you are sent... he complains that there is a vast amount of paperwork in his opening, which is to be expected... just make sure you read it all, and that it is for you.. don't be blindsided by the idea of working for disney, ensure that you understand it all and then there shouldn't be any problems!!
  7. kimmiedancer

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    this article scares me a bit.
    I've been acceoted for July 2010 - but beig from NZ it's long way to come. I have have previous work experience and know and follow the rules etc - but is it really as easty as
    'One cast member at my post was caught with his hands in his pockets. Terminated.' get terminated?
    I mean, it is very expensive for me to come, so getting terminated for something like that??
    Someone re-assure me...??? :S

    ..and what's with the $5 paycheck? Somewthing doesn't sound right there...
  8. kazmanatee

    kazmanatee New Member

    I doubt very very much that someone was fired for having their hands in their pockets.... it costs alot for us to get out there but it takes alot of paperwork for them to hire us and have us living there for a year.

    The paycheck is basically what you get after your rent has been taken out.... if you read what tinkershell has written then it is hard to work out where he got this number from.... the working hours a week should be around 30... then if we are getting paid $6 an hour even if you are in the most expensive accomodation then you should be left with $70 a week after rent & bills are taken out... the person who wrote that article must have taken more than one day off in that week to get such a smaller paycheck!!

    If you are really worried then contact the people you applied for, its what they are there for and I am sure they will be willing to help!
  9. kimmiedancer

    kimmiedancer New Member

    by bills you mean...?
  10. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    bills = electricity, gas, phone line, internet, the US equivalent of council tax (assuming they have that). Anything like that really. Anything you need to survive that isn't food or drink.
  11. kimmiedancer

    kimmiedancer New Member

    so those aren't included in 'accom costs' ? You have to pay for $100ish for your room, and then bills on top...?
  12. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    No, the $80-100 for rent includes the bills. Just sometimes it's handy to mention bills are already taken out of your paycheck (in that amount) else some people will think there's more to come out after that.
    The only other things that really come out of your paycheck straight away are Disney medical insurance (if you opt for it) and paying Disney back for flights, if they paid for them. It could well be that this dude had all those things taken out (because he opted for them to be taken out instead of buying them himself before going), then had a couple of days off that week, went home early a couple of other days, and thus didn't realise how small his paycheck would be. It's his own fault for not realiseing that less hours = less money.
  13. kimmiedancer

    kimmiedancer New Member

    That's fair enough.

    Yeah i actually think that the person's complaint about the cost of rent was unfair. I mean - it's so much more expensive renting then the $100ish they ask you to pay!
  14. tinkithink

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    This article makes me angry and makes me sad. I love Disney with everything I've got but I still recognize that it's a corporation, a giant conglomerate. What workplace doesn't have rules?
    I'm a college student and with the discounts we got on hotels and passes, my boyfriend was able to come visit me twice. I paid for half with no problem. My family dropped me off and picked me up and I was able to talk to them in the parks and sign them in for a couple hours to see my apartment complex. No, they cannot stay overnight in the apartment complex, but that's for safety issues and privacy issues. You could be living with 7 other people! Respect them. Also, once you're off the bus and in your apartment complex, you could sleep anywhere you wanted. The apartment building over or maybe just next door, with no repercussions. ALSO, the discount was 60% on the room and 1/2 of the dining plan.
    The Look Book was the biggest help to me. Not only did it make me look approachable, it helped me get promoted at my work at home. Regardless of whether you'd like to believe it or not, Disney is not the only company with visual standards. Try working at McDonalds with a nose piercing - it doesn't fly.
    Rent is so cheap! You get internet and all the amenities, like the pool and hot tub and gym. All those things are where your rent goes to. It costs Disney a ton to operate those housing complexes and we're lucky because for a while, the CP program at California had no housing. I paid 75.00 a week in rent. I made 7.13 an hour, but with a 30 hour contract minimum there was 0 problem. I also typically picked up 10 extra hours a week!
    Termination is a big deal, but its there to separate those who want to party from those who want to work and want the experience. There's a reason Vista Way is commonly referred to as Vista Lay. A lot of people go down there to party. It's hard to pick out those people before they get there. If you don't want to get termed, don't go. All of the CP rules are available numerous places online, and they send you the housing contract, etc. before you even sign the form.
    I didn't sign up for a bank account, it wasn't necessary and I didn't feel "sucked in" by their presentation.
    It sounds to me like this guy is blaming Disney for the weather. HELLO! IT'S FLORIDA!! Jeez, get a grip. I was given a water bottle holder with a clip and could put whatever water I wanted in it. No one was checking! And I was never ever told that I could only have Zephyrs water. I got neither bottled water or powerade for free, though I know that character performers did. I was also encourage NOT to drink in front of guests as it makes you look unnapproachable, but I carried my water with me everywhere. Coke, etc. was readily available backstage.
    Each park has at least one backstage cafeteria where you can purchase food. It's expensive, sure, but so is the cafeteria at my university. I'm pretty sure there were peanuts available in mine!

    Disney is what you make it. This guy obviously wasn't cut out for Disney. Follow the rules. Do your job. The end.
  15. kimmiedancer

    kimmiedancer New Member

    can I ask what you did instead of have a bank account there? Where did your pay go to...?

    The Look Book? Do we get given one of them?
  16. neevyweevy

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    If you don't open a bank account then you pick up your paycheck every thursday and can cash it in different places, i think they do it in walmart but i think they charge you.

    You should be sent a welcome pack at some point before your program starts that gives you all the information about what you'll need to bring, how much money you'll need when you get there etc...and you'll also get the Look Book which is a very detailed guide on the 'Disney Look' for boys and girls.
  17. cowza

    cowza New Member

    I just read the article. For people looking at applying for the college program... I wouldn't say to let it discourage you. The one thing I did like about it was the conclusion. It is a really fair point to say don't go there thinking it as a career move because the terms of your visa and the program give you far too many limitations for that. In some ways it's worse for internationals because you have more expenses with flights. But I would hope most people go knowing this anyway. I know I made sure I saved a lot of money beforehand.
    In terms of a working abroad experience it is perfect... because everything is pretty much taken care of. Would you really want the hassle of having to find somewhere to live in Florida if you've never been there before?

    Saying that here I am almost two years after my program still working for Disney... so it's certainly not impossible if a career for Disney is what you want out of life ;-)
  18. catfish278

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    I also think that that article has been written by someone who is bitter and twisted about being terminated from the program. Most of the stuff he says is pure rubbish (as pointed out by everyone else written on this thread) and completely opposite to the way he is negative about working for Disney... working for Disney was the best thing I ever did (and that's why I am lucky enough to be going back!). Also, I have been asked about my college program at every single interview I have had in the last 2 years, it gives you so much experience and makes your CV totally stand out against the crowd. I wouldn't change a thing!
  19. katiej22

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    I've just read the article.
    Whilst it is a very biased viewpoint, some of the things he says are true.
    I do think though that this is someone who didn't do his research before he went into it, and clearly expected a long vacation. Everything he complained about, was made clear to me before I started.
    I also think his paycheck was not what he said - there is probably some other facts there that we are not being told - personally I made over $100 a week - although I worked in MK over the summer, a busy time.
    So although this presents some negatives about working there, I urge people put off by this to consider all the many other positives you will gain from the experience - I know I wouldn't change a thing.

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