1. MiloThatch

    MiloThatch New Member

    Hi guys,

    I think I made a mistake while registering.

    I am not 23 years old, I am 21.

    Do u know how to change it

    See ya

  2. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    click on "Profile" then there's something on the lefthand side about "Profile Information"
    you can probably change it in there...if not...just put that youre 21 at the end of every post! :p :p :p
  3. monkian

    monkian New Member

    yah..yeah..i'm actually only 21 too...all a big mistake..hmm yeah...only 21...yip..definatly...ain't no 25 year olds round these parts...no siree...just us 21 year old chickens...yip yip...move along...nothin to see here!
  4. hockey_town_canada

    hockey_town_canada New Member

    ya you can change it in profile imformation ....you just type your correct birthday and it will figure it all out for ya....
  5. andysaito

    andysaito New Member

    test of reply function

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