Alcohol during the CRP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by liberal, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. liberal

    liberal New Member

    Im not going to drink while in program. But, I hear that there is a lot of illegal drinking and stuff... Will I be evicted if someone in my room drinks or has alcohol?
  2. liberal

    liberal New Member

    haha... noone dares answering. So, it is really a big party place?? :p haha...

    well, Im no partypooper, just dont wanna get send home for some stupid reason. ;)
    what people choose to do themselves, is their problem and none of my business...
  3. PeXoXaLoVePooH

    PeXoXaLoVePooH Active Member

    are u under 21?

    yes, if u are under 21 u cant drink in ur aparment, and u cant have any alcohol on it (even for cooking), if some of ur roomates have alcohol u can go to front desk to report it if u want to...but they will only find it during inspections... so is not so bad... and if u are over 21 theres no problem if u have alcohol at ur deparment... yes theres a lot of parties and alcohol is everywhere its kinda a little luck and be smart and u can drink even if u are under age, but if u get caught they will sent u home... u will notice a lot if underage drinking so it really depends on u, im not a big drinker either, and have the best year ever! so just be careful what ever u decide to do!! =)

    good luck u will love it!!!=)
  4. theshox

    theshox New Member

    But is it true that ALL members of your room get terminated from the program if only ONE person bring alcohol with him / her?

    thanks :D
  5. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Only if they don't own up. And it also depends on what housing warning you're on. If your roommate owns up and you have no housing warnings, you might be let off. If they don't own up then it's likely you'll all be going. And if you're on your final housing warning you could go too! It really depends on the situations.

    On my first program I was in a wellness apartment. We all moved in together and I pretty much laid down the law; if I find alcohol in this apartment, I'm going to front desk. We spend far too much money in the first place to get to Disney, and it's one thing to messd up your own program, but to get others involved is just inconsiderate. I know a bunch of people who got termed for someone else's mistake.
  6. theshox

    theshox New Member

    Thanks for the reply DisneyGibbs :D

    What you did by "laying down the law" is something I will do too when everyone have setteled in our housing. As you said, we have spend too much money, time and effort by getting it all ruined by one person...
  7. liberal

    liberal New Member

    Good to see others having the same attitude as me.

    What people do on their spare time, when youre not going to work for a day or two, is none of my business, as long as it dosent happen in my room or Im involved... People are breaking the rules all the time. But they could get in problems, since the drinking age is 21.
  8. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    It's no secret that people drink underage. The temptation is just too much. I don't drink anyway so on my first program it was never an issue (I was 20 for ten months of that program) and even when I turned 21 I didn't drink. It makes a difference if all your friends are under 21.

    Drinking underage in housing is silly. But people do it and they get away with it. Drinking underage on Disney property is just plain stupid. They'll find out and then you're gone. You get told all of this during the housing meetings in the first week. I swear the list gets longer everytime I go to one!
  9. liberal

    liberal New Member

    Yeah, I will have the same attitude whilst on campus, no alcohol on room. Dont want to pay for the trip both ways and achieve nothing from my stay for such a stupid thing.

    Im pretty wimsy and stuff though, I heard about a lot of people being sent home for forgetting their keys 3 times, sitting down and stuff like that.
  10. DisneySpike

    DisneySpike New Member

    Everyone mentions inspections. What do they do at these inspections and how often are they? Are they just for finding drugs/alcohol?
  11. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    It depends. Sometimes they do them once a month, sometimes is every couple of months. It depends on how many people fail during the last inspections!

    Inspections are done to check that you're keeping the apartment clean, have nothing on the walls that you're not allowed (so everything apart from notice boards!) and that you don't have any pest problems (from time to time they'll come and spray the apartment).

    Of course, during this inspection if they see alcohol and you're in a wellness apartment, then don't expect them to go too lightly on you! During one of our inspections they saw a bottle of wine in the kitchen and wanted to know why we had it. I explained that I was the youngest in the apartment and I'm 24! Our apartment must have been a wellness one previously.
  12. DisneySpike

    DisneySpike New Member

    So they don't actually go through your stuff by any means. Just an overall check. And there's no posters allowed on the wall??? In residence we were allowed stuff on the wall as long as they didn't leave anything on the wall or wreck the wall.
  13. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    Officially your not allowed stuff on the walls but i had posters and flags pinned up and noone ever said anything, the inspections are jusg to make sure the place is clean and to check that nothing needs fixed etc they dont touch your personal stuff or go into you drawers etc
  14. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    It depends on which inspector you get! I know people who had loads of stuff up and nothing was said, and others who had to go to Housing meetings about it! Most of the time people will take them down for inspections and put them back up again. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Last year they got really strict with it all, but I don't think there is much consistency with inspection standards. I do miss getting those White Glove Awards!
  15. dspringa

    dspringa Member

    So you usually know when the inspections are coming? To be able to take the stuff down? I hate plain white walls!

    Also, is there a place where we can see what the apartments look like inside? The 'tour' in the view is foggy in my memory now :)
  16. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    if you go on to you tube you can search for commons orlando florida etc and you will find some videos of the inside of the appartments

    Yeah you get told that your going to have an inspection in advance,they put a little note under your door normally about a week or so before hand.
  17. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    They have big noticeboards now as you come through security and at the clubhouses with inspection dates on it. It's the worst thing to come home and realise you have inspection the next week. Ours were always on a day when I hadn't had a day off in four days! So I'd be cleaning in the early hours of the morning.
  18. dspringa

    dspringa Member

    Haha oh my goodness, I can see that happening to me!

    Thanks for the info :)
  19. dspringa

    dspringa Member

    I know this is off-topic but you two are really helpful so I have a couple of questions.

    Upon watching this video:

    1. Does a TV come with the living room? Is that where the 'cable' is that is included in the room? Or do you have cable TV in the bedroom?

    2. Is the internet wireless? If not, are there plugs in the bedrooms as well as the living area?

    3. Enough room on the balcony for some patio furniture?

    4. Is there laundry machines in all apartments? Dishwashers (in all)?

    -- I'm pretty sure I will be driving down to Disney with my belongings, so I just want to get a better idea of what I can bring along.
  20. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    A tv set is not included in the apartment,you may find that previous housemates have left a tv set but if theres not one you have to purchase one yourself,the cable is ready to use as soon as you plug the tv in,its all good to go you dont have to subscribe or anything!

    There are dishwashers in all kitchens and if you are in the commons there are clothes washers and dryers in all apartments, in the other housing complexs there is a central laundry room

    when i was there the internet connection wasnt wireless,but i had a really long cable to connect it to the modem in the living room

    some balconys are bigger than others,enough room for a few chairs and maybe a small table

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