Any arrivals on April 24th?!

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by disney_hopper, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Aaron Devlin

    Aaron Devlin New Member

    I will miss my cat, my bed, driving my truck, I am missing my friends wedding, I will also miss my coffeeshop baristas, haha they know me and know my order, they are like an extended family with espresso! Thats WAY better then most conventional familys.

    Haha to Allan!
  2. Eddieh

    Eddieh New Member

    I'll miss my guitars :'(  the rest has already been named. only five more days to go!
  3. TravelBug

    TravelBug New Member

    Everyone Excited?
  4. imagic!

    imagic! New Member

    CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well for some of you is one less since you are leaving the day before but anyway! I'm so excited! I already started packing and is such a mess! I guess everybody is at the same place right now...
    By the way, we finally found out our arrival time and is not too bad. We are arriving around 4 pm, so maybe we can set up a time and place to meet, what do you think? that way we will meet everybody from our arrival group it would be awesome!!!!
    Let us know!
  5. erika_svart07

    erika_svart07 New Member

    Quick 24th's meeting at the Clubhouse (main housing building) at 7pm??

    ps- DEFINITELY excited to go! :D
  6. GABRICH!!!

    GABRICH!!! New Member

    i agree! it's good hour so later we could all go to our throw ins....i'm so excited about every part of this trip!!!! i really reallyy can't wait!!!
  7. TravelBug

    TravelBug New Member

    Will everyone be arrive before 7 pm??
  8. Aaron Devlin

    Aaron Devlin New Member

    I will for sure
  9. Eddieh

    Eddieh New Member

    my flight will arrive at 6pm so it might be to early for me but I'm sure we'll meet the next day
  10. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    Aaron &/or Matt

    What time will your flight get in on Tuesday?

    I want to be at the commons when you get there!


    Miss you guys, See you tomorro!
  11. Rymundo

    Rymundo New Member

    Yep 7pm it is. I land at 3pm so shud have pleeeeeeenty o' time
  12. Aaron Devlin

    Aaron Devlin New Member


    Matt and I get in at 933am so we should be there soon after that!
  13. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    So excited!!!! And getting really scared!
  14. disney_hopper

    disney_hopper New Member

    Ditto! AHHHHHH! It's all getting REALLY overwhelming right now. But once we're there, then we can all just relax and not worry too much about the "getting there" part. See you all on Tuesday! ;D
  15. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Just a heads up guys, don't expect to get to the commons until probably at least an hour after your flight lands. Remember you gotta get your bags (which are a bit of a distance from your arrival terminal... you gotta take a subway style train), then meet the Disney people, and you may also have to wait for the bus. Then there's the bus ride.

    Just so you guys can expect timing a bit, an hour after would probably be about the earliest you'll get there.

    Have fun in Florida! See you down there in 2 months!
  16. GABRICH!!!

    GABRICH!!! New Member

    i will!!! i'll arrive at 4 pm, but as Jorden said we're gonna spend some time in the airport, then getting our stuff into our rooms and everything, but at 7 pm i think everyone (prob except tim) will be able to go to the meeting. I'll just need to find out where the Clubhouse is hehe....but no problem!! hehe...

  17. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Trust me, you can't miss the clubhouse... the bus drops you off there! lol.
  18. Kerri Hyde

    Kerri Hyde New Member

    Hello all! Please to meet you all but I am at the last minute because I just got the news this week, so it has been all overwhelming and short notice. I am Kerri (27) and am from Toronto, ON Canada area. I need all your help A.S.A.P. because it's so all last minute!!! I am still waiting for my Disney pack which said they sent out yesturday (Thursday) and said I may get it Monday or Tuesday...which Tuesday is the day of I am almost gonna go crazy...LOL! I am hoping I can get everything settled on the Monday if I get it Monday as the flight is on Tuesday!!! I have not been able to follow up on your 38 pages of messages, and hope you can fill me in on what is going on before I may be coming? Can anyone help me what exactly comes in the Disney Pack with all the details? My only concern is the they do it all for us or is it something we must arrange to do? PLEASE, I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME AT THIS SHORT NOTICE???? ??? If I don't come right away, I would have loved the opportunity to meet you all, but if I do I so cannot wait to start a new life with you all for 1 year! I'll keep you posted?!
  19. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Basically your pack has WDW International Program luggage tags, two mickey stickers that you are to wear in the airport, your visa information (from what I can gather US Immigration has this as well, but you may have to show the form), copies of a housing agreement and another agreement that you'll sign down there (you don't need to bring those), a sheet that verifies Cast A Way has gone through things like length of program and some rules and such that you are supposted to fax off (not sure what you'll do with this) and a Disney Look book that describes how your hair, jewlery and clothing needs to look for things like Traditions, as well as when you're working.
  20. erika_svart07

    erika_svart07 New Member

    - We might still be around the Clubhouse by the time you get there, but still, don't worry, we'll keep an eye for you!

    Early birds, good luck with your flights!!! And see you all on Tuesday at 7! :D :D :D

    LONG LIVE THE 24ths!!!

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