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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by SparklinDiamond, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. SparklinDiamond

    SparklinDiamond New Member

    Hi guys,
    I am new to all of this and would really like some info if possible. Me and my best friend are both going to apply for the cultural representative program from the UK next year. We do not go to college or uni so can we still apply? Also if we passed and everything when would the program start?
    Has anyone ever been or applied with a disability? I have one that does affect me with some daily tasks but I am still desperate to apply, even though I probably wouldn't be able to do any lifting or long periods of work.
    I have loved Disney since being very little and Disney World is where I want to be!
    Any advice would be really helpful to me and my friend.
  2. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    You dont have to be at uni to do the CRP, I'm not! That start dates vary by the looks of it and can be really far off.
    Im not sure about disabilities but having been 2 wdw they do hire people with disablities so I would go for it :)
  3. SparklinDiamond

    SparklinDiamond New Member

    Thanks for the info
    I really wanted to be like a character attendant or something that wouldn't really be very physical, because I am afraid that the roles in the cultural representative program will be. But you have to be studying to do that don't you? ???
  4. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    Nope the CRP is the only disney program where studying is not a requirement. The only requirements are that you are 18 and above, speak fluent english and are a citizen of the country whose pavillion you are applying for :)
  5. SparklinDiamond

    SparklinDiamond New Member

    Thankyou Bubbles :D
  6. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    You can't be a character attendant on the CRP, you can only work in food and beverage or merchandise or at the Historical Research Centre.
  7. SparklinDiamond

    SparklinDiamond New Member

    Thanks Jen

    Is there any where with like frequently asked questions and stuff about the program? I have far too many questions :L
  8. Hippymeow

    Hippymeow Member

    You can indeed work there with a disability. A good friend of mine on my Summer ICP Program has a disability, and while it was sometimes hard work, she managed! Her role was merch!
  9. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    hrc or merch would prob be the best roles for you - less lifting and standing out in the hot sun - F&B is more physical esp if you get stuck with stocker or food running

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