Anyone a Jordin Sparks or One Tree Hill fan?

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Sofi, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    I don't know who Jordin is but i am a HUGE fan of One Tree Hill!

    The reason why i'm asking is cos theres actually a gig at House of Blues in Downtown Disney on June 23rd and Jordin is headlining with Kate Voegele (Who plays Mia in One Tree Hill) I'm actually a huge fan of Kate's music and i don't think i'll ever get the chance to see her again cos she isn't really known in England, so i'm deffo gunna c her but i was wondering if any1 wants to go? Cos obv i'd rather go with someone even if you're a fan of Jordin and not Kate lol

    Anyway doors are at 7pm and its $20, we might get discount too but im not sure =] So let me know if u fancey it =P theres also another band playing and its presented by 'Mike & Ike'

    Hopefully i'll be able to stick it out at my awful job until this date lol!

  2. Frou-Frou90

    Frou-Frou90 New Member

    Sofiiiiiii, I luuuuurrrrve Jordin Sparks. She was on one of the American idols a few years ago. I arrive on 20th June, so hopefully I won't be jetlagged as I'd love to come with you!
  3. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    cool :D u might be a bit knackered tho lol ive tried to request the day off but i won't find out till next week when the rotas up =] x
  4. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    any1 off tonight? :) x

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