Anyone applying for the Cultural Exchange Program?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Melissa2610, May 26, 2014.

  1. Mollyyyyyy

    Mollyyyyyy New Member

    I sent mine off to Yummy Jobs on Saturday! It's going to be such a long wait to hear back! xx
  2. Jade Hudson

    Jade Hudson New Member

    Hi Everyone! I've just finished drafting my applications for the UK, it took me a while but I think it sounds good :) x
  3. amy may harding

    amy may harding New Member

    i am currently sat here hyperventilating over the 1,500 answer on what i value about culture exchange and interaction and having the biggest brain freeze of my life. Anyone else having that problem? SOS HELP x
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  4. Mollyyyyyy

    Mollyyyyyy New Member

    Remember it's only 1500 characters though, which is only about 200 words! Once you start writing you'll probably end up with far more than you need - it's just getting started that's the hardest part :)
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  5. Sosso

    Sosso New Member

    I'm applying from Norway, any other norwegian here as well?
  6. amy may harding

    amy may harding New Member

    thanks so much molly, i had totally misread it completely wrong and was writing an essay. its much better only having 1500 characters. good luck to everyone applying xx
  7. Mollyyyyyy

    Mollyyyyyy New Member

    Glad I could help haha :) Hope it's a little easier for you now! xx
  8. HandmadeTurnip

    HandmadeTurnip New Member

  9. LouiseR1993

    LouiseR1993 New Member

    Hey everyone! So i've been sent an email saying I need to upload my passport to the DOC system, but does anyone know if it just needs to be a photocopy of your passport?? Or do you have to get it signed by a Justice of the Peace? I have to upload mine by tuesday and i'm freaking out a little!
  10. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    I'm thinking about applying but not sure as I am older than a lot of other applicants :)
  11. Lebo

    Lebo New Member

    hey, I got that too and just scanned my passport and sent it without certifying it...didn't even think about that arghh
  12. evetaire

    evetaire New Member

    Hey Guys! i'm applying from the UK too :) i've covered everything so far on my application apart from why do value cultural exchange and interaction? & what is your motivation for this program? think i need a time out having a bit of writters block :(
  13. Carola Paredes

    Carola Paredes New Member

    Heey! I am applying for summer 2015! Does someone know when we will be receiving a response from them??
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  14. Anyone from Canada send an application in yet?
  15. amy may harding

    amy may harding New Member

    what has everyone put in there cover letter? i've only ever written cover letters for job roles in insurance, so have only touched base on office work etc, which is defiantly not disneyfied. any suggestions? xx

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