Anyone else applying in January from the UK?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by 626Stitch, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Chelle_Bell

    Chelle_Bell New Member

    If you can't see yourself getting in in the next 3 months why don't you just ask Yummy Jobs to take you off the wait list and apply again? At least this time you'll have more idea of the interview process and how to push yourself more than you did in the last one.

    Admittedly they told me they had too many candidates to tell me where I went 'wrong', but I kinda figured what went wrong for myself and how I can improve, etc, etc...
  2. Chari21

    Chari21 New Member

    Yeah, I probably should do that...
    ..I dunno though because if something did come up I would just kick myself for taking myself off the list.

    I don't think I would apply this January even if I did take myself off the list, I still think I would wait.
  3. opherrichards

    opherrichards New Member

    I too applied last year when I was 18 as another option instead of Uni. I also didnt even get through to the interview stadge, but then this year when I can do the ICP, I am going to have a telephone and F2F interview all within one month of applying!
    Do you think they always reject you the first time, then the 2nd time you apply, they know you are really interested?
  4. hen87hels

    hen87hels New Member

    Hiyaz- board crashing here.... Nope, def not- I've never applied before :-\ And again, good luck to ya all!!! ;D
  5. Disneyjess

    Disneyjess New Member

    I had my phone interview but i'd not prepared, I was also out shopping so was totally distracted and just..not listening.
  6. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    I Turned 18 a week before i applied. on july the 1st, they rejected me straight out

    so i sent my cv again :p aha, with an amazing cover letter that i must of working on for like... an hour

    and then i got an e-mail back sayin "michelle park... again" i was like oh dear, ive got myself a bad reputation now, but actually they said that they admired my enthusiasm, and would consider me for a phone interview, and then they gave me a phone interview - i felt like i totally screwed it up, and but apparently they liked me, went for my face to face, was quite confident about it - n out i go in June!

    I must admit i was incredibly surprised that i got it!
    I cant seem to find anyone else of 18 going
  7. Amz

    Amz New Member

    i thought one of the main reasons i didnt get it cos i was one of the youngest there... obv not in your case michelle lol

    oh well least i dont have to leave my bf any time soon, and by applying in jan i should be around 21 if i get in...
  8. domsaunders58

    domsaunders58 New Member

    it doesnt matter about your age
    I was 18 when I applied n was 19 when i went out
    Alot of people who i was otu there with were 18, my room mate was 18 and another one of my arrival group was 18 so dw you wont be alone and tbh age doesnt matter there, some of my closet mates over there were alot older than me

    have fun
    Now i have to wait until jan aswell to apply again
    trust me people its worth it
  9. Chelle_Bell

    Chelle_Bell New Member

    What program did you do before this application then? I see you're from Northfleet, too!
  10. pure~hillman~imp

    pure~hillman~imp New Member

    Righty, ive just applied, second time. Apparently the first time I applied last year they never got my application ???

    Soooooooooooooo, this year ive applied for the CRP, IF they dont let me in im going to do as above, beast of all cover letters and apply again.

    For anyone looking at Yummyjobs website, they say they are REVIEWING applications from 15th Jan, so get that CV sent off!
  11. pure~hillman~imp

    pure~hillman~imp New Member

  12. DivineAphrael

    DivineAphrael New Member

    After 3 years of waiting I'm finally sending my application of in January. I'm so excited I can bearly think about it. Just putting a bit of extra polish on my CV then I can start covering letter writing.

    Something I was told when I was looking for placements at university that I thought might help people out:

    The best covering letters say
    1) Something about you and your personality
    2) Why you want the job
    3) What you can do for the company (what they'll get out of hiring you)
    4) What the company will do for you (what you hope to get from the experience)
  13. xHannahIsCoolx

    xHannahIsCoolx New Member

    I've been reading these boards for ages and this is the first time I've replied to anything, so I hope you don't mind me crashing your post!

    I sent a hard copy of my application to Yummy Jobs in October, but didn't think they had received it. Then I sent the email application November and at least I know they got it this time! I'm so nervous/excited!!
  14. slider655

    slider655 Member

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say good luck to you all.
    I started the process back in July and got accepted a couple of months ago to do the program.
    For those of you who get through, i will probably be starting with some of you as i have a delayed start date (at my request) of september this year - the sorta start dates that yummy are looking to fill from the next round of applications.

    So just wanted to say good luck and have fun with it all!
  15. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    I'm sending my application off in a couple of weeks, I've been working on my cover letter for a while now- so i just need to type it up and send it =]

    ahhhh I'm really excited/ nervous too!!

    I wish you all good luck with your applications, and If I'm successful and get through to face to face interview- I look forward to meeting all you successful applicants at the interviews.

  16. Yea im applying, as i said in another discussion room, Ive actually been throught this before. I went on this program then whilst there (2months to be exact) I had a family bereavement and had to return to the uk :( , but yummy informed me i could re-apply when i was up 2. Its been 2 years and Im applying, so luck on my side. I could be going back from september onwards. I hope it works out this time.
  17. DivineAphrael

    DivineAphrael New Member

    Sent my application last night ;D

    I'm not sure I like the new way of applying on the YummJobs site, where I was redirected after sending CV/Covering Letter to the enquiries address given on the Disney site. I just copy/pasted my CV into the Motivation section, hope that was the right thing to do.

    Hope to see you all at interviews :eek: :D ;D
  18. mushu

    mushu New Member

    I'm most likely (well 99.9%) applying in January, having been on the Waiting List since November and not been offered a place.

    So I thought I'd say hi to everyone and you can direct questions my way if you like! ;D

    I'm also a litle weirded out by the new application process....but here I go again!!!
  19. AH WOOOOHOOOOO, got confirmation from michele, my rehire status is positive, and i have re-applied. i am 100% positive about this. Bring on the magic lol
  20. D-A-N

    D-A-N New Member

    Does anyone know ..... do we HAVE to apply through the website now? Or can you still email CV/covering letter?

    Quiet night at work tonight, so I should have plenty of time to finish up polishing off my CV :)

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