Anyone else applying in January from the UK?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by 626Stitch, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. DivineAphrael

    DivineAphrael New Member

    Spoke to Michele this morning. Apparrently there were over 1000 applicants, so well done those that stood out.

    I was told that I needed a bit more F&B experience, I've only been in my waitressing job 2 months. But I'm definately not a lost cause and should apply again as close to August 1st as possible. My dream isn't over.
  2. ctravis

    ctravis Guest

    Congratulations to everyone who got through...woohoooooooo u guys should b celebrating that. :D :D

    I am so sorry i wanna give u all big hugs to everyone who really to me did stand out coz u guys had the experience and the personality. CMON i saw u guys so enthusiastic bout it, i cant imgaine who could do a better job. It is so so sad that u didnt make it through. I am so sorry bout that. I saw all ur msgs now and i feel really really sad. PLEASE PLEASE DONT GIVE UP. U WILL GO, I PROMISE, that is if u try and not give up.

    Muawwwwwww to all of you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Sundae09

    Sundae09 New Member

    Do you think that Michele will reply to our emails after all the phone interviews take place maybe?

    I sent my "why oh why didnt I get in" email like 5 minutes after I had received my rejection email and havent heard anything back. :-[

    Congratulations to everyone who has got to the phone interview stage!!! WHOOP WHOOP!
  4. iHEARTflorida

    iHEARTflorida New Member

    I email Michele this morning with my please reconsider me email. But haven't heard anything back yet :(

    There probably dealing with organizing phone interviews and times before dealing with us.
  5. omgholly

    omgholly New Member

    Yeah I'd imagaine they're pretty busy. There may be people who get offered the phone interview who have changed their minds so that might open up a few more spaces.

    We'll see :)
  6. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    OH MY GOD :eek:

    1000!?! I wonder how many people get a phone interview then?
  7. Kirbie

    Kirbie New Member

    Hey, i'd just like to offer a bit of advice to all you guys.
    I got waitlisted in November after my f2f interview, i was totally devastated and the best thing i could have done and that i would advise you to do is to try and forget about it for now. I did that, and a few weeks later Michele called me to offer me a place on the CRP. ;D
    Basically just don't worry, get on with things for now, and apply again in August, and trust me, they will remember you, they will know if you've applied before.
    Also i've heard from a fairly reliable source that Yummy people do occasionally look at this forum so just be careful :eek:

    Kirstie xx
    p.s. Vicki im soooooo pleased for you, and everyone else that got thru! ;D
  8. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    When you get to London - You Know you will.. you HAVE to go to harrads and geta loyalty card!

  9. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Haha okay Michele... as long as it doesn't cost any money!! :p
  10. Si-Keo

    Si-Keo New Member

    Hey Guys

    Im new on these forums so just a quick hello!
    I applied to the CRP this year and i am through to the phone interviews! Got mine tomorrow morning at 10.30am!
    Im usualy alright but i hope i dont suddenly develop touretts or a stutter or something!!

    And im completely gutted for those that didnt get a phone interview. But everyone should completely keep trying! Never give up on your dreams. Because after all, a dream is a wish your heart makes!! And wishes come true! so keep going!

    Si :)
  11. I feel so sick today, my throat is killing me. perfect timing ai?!?! MY interview is tomorrow!
  12. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Oh Jim that's not good :-\
    I hope you feel better by tomorrow and if not, just apologize at the beginning of the interview- especially if you sound croaky!!!

    Good Luck!!
    I haven't heard back from Michele yet, so I don't know when my phone interview is. I have asked for monday afternoon though :)


    Hi to Si-Keo!! :)
    Welcome to the forums and congrats on getting through to the phone interviews!!
  13. ctravis

    ctravis Guest

    oh noooo Jasper hugs to you love, dont worry just smile, as long as you smile everything will b good. muawwwwwww to everyone who got phone interviews xxxxxxxx
  14. mushu

    mushu New Member

    Smile, think positively and remember to have a drink nearby!! Don't worry, you'll be fine. Let us know how it goes!
  15. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    just make a joke about it, say you've been singing when you wish upon star non stop. :p


    by the by anyone on msn?
  16. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    I reckon there's about 50-80 places available so i would have thought they'd offer f2f to a 100-140 people. So going on that assumption i imagine 300 got phone interviews. its also a number that could easily be reached over two weeks of 10 minutes interviews by two people.
  17. omgholly

    omgholly New Member

    Oh no Jasper! Have lots of hot drinks and orange juice and stuff today and hopefully your voice will be alright tomorrow.

    Good luck :) xxx
  18. Ive just had my 3rd tea with a chunk of lemon, and my voice feels fine so im gonna drink as much as that as possible lol.

    I feel totally calm about the whole thing, im like bring it on!!!!
  19. i think i feel calm cos im getting high from the constant tea supply, dodgy leaves!!!!! LOL!!!

    And guys thanks for the get well messages!
  20. Oh and i think they are phone interviewing just under 250 people, as if u calculate it, they can only interview around 20 people a day on 15 min interviews. so it adds to just under 250.

    So yea, kick ass mofo's

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