Anyone else applying in January from the UK?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by 626Stitch, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. ctravis

    ctravis Guest

    hehehe Jasper u really crack me up....BUT omg omg 250 ppl thats loadssss.....thats just making me more nervous.

    Please dont worry bout the interviews. Because in our e-mail it says they want to get to kno u guys a little more better. I kno coz i have beeennnnn so nervous all day and sick to my stomach. I hadnt eaten all day. I dont know how everyones interviews will b as it might b different slightly for all of us with different questions but it is straight forward. They want to know why u want to do it and i guess thats why we have applied and of course they want to know why coz then they know what u want from this. So dont worry guys please....or u will b like me panicking hehehe lol. Just be yourself that is important. :D ;D

  2. I cant believe uve had urs, and mines tomorrow! its happening dead fast. One minute we know nothing then suddenly we are interviewing. bizarre
  3. ctravis

    ctravis Guest

    I know it is weird that one min it feels ages and ages waiting and then suddenly it feels like it goes quickly lol. So i guess this already is an experience in itself!!
  4. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    that gives you a 1/3 chance then a 1/2 once you get to f2f.

    my interview is tuesday.
  5. fingers, legs, arms and bum cheeks crossed.
  6. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    My phone interview is on Monday at 2:45.

    Ahh it's all so exciting, but nerve racking at the same time!!
  7. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    oooh looks like i'm last to be interviewed out of the forum crowd so far.
  8. mushu

    mushu New Member

    Friday the 6th at 10.45am!!
  9. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    nevermind, second to last then :D
  10. slider655

    slider655 Member

    Hey all,

    No one needs to worry, the phone interview is a nice informal chat, the interviewer will be lovely and it has a very loose structure which changes depending on answers you give - there is no real right or wrong way to do it, just be yourself!
  11. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    I recognise that restaurant your standing in, is it in downtown disneyland paris by any chance. I got accosted by a goofey in there. :-X
  12. slider655

    slider655 Member

    Yeah its Cafe Mickey in the village at Disneyland Paris.
    Wow im amazed you worked that out! :)
  13. StephyLewis

    StephyLewis New Member

    you never forget an experiance when a beloved disney character tries it on. mortifying.
  14. my interview is in 12 hours time!!!! AHHH!
  15. Si-Keo

    Si-Keo New Member

    I'm a little nervous for mine but i suppose its only natural!
    As i currently work in the store im hoping that all the questions about guest service wont be in as much detail! its gunna be like applying for my current job all over again!! SCARY!!

    10.30am 2morro morning!! I hope everyone is sending me good luck thoughts!
  16. wow well good luck everyone, im gonna go to bed early so im nice and rested for the interview! Good Night and Good Luck!

    Jim/Jasper Whatever.

  17. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    GOOD LUCK!! :)
  18. Si-Keo

    Si-Keo New Member

    Has anyone completed their phone interviews yet?
    I did mine this morning! :)
    What did you think? WAs it what you expected?

    I thought it would have been a bit longer but now i realise that I was just worrying for nothing!
    I dont feel it went too well though but we will see in 4 weeks time! ::)
  19. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    I have mine on Monday, and I'm pretty nervous about it already :-\
    4 weeks?! Really, that long?!
    I thought the interviews are being held in february...
  20. babe, by interviews they meant these ones, the f2f will be late march at the earliest but probably april.

    And yea i just had mine right after Si-Keo, and yea it does go dead fast, like mine was way under 10 mins lol!!! They just zoom right through the questions.

    I got asked,

    1. Motivation for taking part
    2. How i would handle living and working in heat
    3. How I think I would get on with everyone
    4. Work Experience
    5. Tell me abit about your town
    6. When's the earliest I could start, I said '....Now....?' and she said 'Well it doesnt start till september so...' and i was all oh sorry. lol. September then lol.

    I dont really see how anyone could not do well if that makes sense? Like its not questions you wouldnt know the answers 2, i think the phone interview is more to see what your communication skills are like.

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