Anyone Heard From Cast-A-Way??

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by EvilQueen, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    Sandra, Ahhh I see. Well that makes sense. Are you staying long enough to get some site seeing in while you're there? Go to the Zoo, it's a beautiful zoo and well worth the time to see.

    Christa, ahaha Oh I LOVE RRC! :D Especially the economoics class! Yes we should definitely go out for coffee before I leave. I'm getting SO excited! Though it also feels a little surreal. So you were on vacation in Victoria?  That's such a great place, so purdy! Give me a call or I'll give you a call. I have bad cold right now and I barely have a voice, so once I've regained it, I'll give you a call.
    Jolene :)
  2. EvilQueen

    EvilQueen New Member

    Christa: I believe it's about a 4 hour flight, but it may be a little less than that. I love flying, so the length of the flight is no big deal. I'm just happy about going.

    Jo: I think I'm flying in the day before the interviews and flying out the day after. I'm not sure if anyone is coming with me, so I don't know how much I will get to do. I'm hoping to get in touch with a couple of people I know out there and hopefully, they will show me some of the highlights.

    I just wish these airfares would go down and then I'd be set.

    Sandra :)
  3. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    Yah, those darn flight prices. Though the rates tend to go up as you approach your departure date. I would book sooner than later. Unless some deal comes rolling by. Apparently they do sometimes go down for a short while. Good-luck! :) I just checked my flight and it's back down a considerable amount, it had gone up to $179 one way, so ya never know!
  4. EvilQueen

    EvilQueen New Member

    I'm going to at least wait until Saturday night. Jetsgo has that crazy fare sale Saturday night, well I guess technically Sunday morning. It happens at 2am in Ontario, but it might be worth it if I can get a good deal.
  5. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    My room mate Griffy just had his phone interview with cast-a-way and he's now officially in for Calgary.

    Its goin to be downright dangerous if we both get in for the real deal. 8)
  6. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    More people from Manitoba. DigitalPhear, are you from Winnipeg? I thought I was the only one originally,ahaha
  7. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    Hey room mate and I are both from Brandon.

    oooohh...I cant wait to say "We are both from Orlando" :p

    FYI Jo, if we all get in, we're thinking of driving down together if your up for a 3/4 day booze cruise..err...carpool.. :D
  8. Mr. August

    Mr. August New Member

    Hey Christa!!

    Sorry I have not kept in touch recently.... How are things are you getting excited to leave even though it is still over 2 months away!! Tell Laurie I say hi if you see her again I am supposed to visit her when I come back but .... Everytime I have been back there has not been enough time!

    As for Rocky he is a great guy and I could never forget his laugh!!

    Also Scurfield Hall is the Haskayne School of Business Building...not the library ...go to the u of c website to find it so you will not be late.

    Oh yeah Christa .....keep in touch I might come down and visit sometime this winter.... maybe you could maingate me?!?!??!!? just kidding!!

    Well talk to you all soon
  9. Tickee

    Tickee New Member

    In one of your posts you stated that Disney "licks to get people from all over Canada". I know that you didn't interview in Toronto, but our interview here did not involve any licking! All we got do was sit around an empty school for 8 hours waiting for our turn to interview. No wonder you wanted to go down once you were accepted!

    Man, guess we really missed out over here!!
    Oh well.

  10. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    Digital, I can't imagine how awesome it would be to have my home address in Orlando, Florida! How long of a drive is it? I've always flown. I was wondering if I would take my car down with me if I do I get in.
  11. EvilQueen

    EvilQueen New Member

    If I had a car, I would definately take it with me. I hear it makes life so much easier while you're down there. Not to mention, everyone becomes your new best friend. ;)
  12. Winnipeg gal

    Winnipeg gal New Member

    Hey guys

    I definitely recommend waiting for the Jetsgo cheapo flights. Not that many people have heard of them, so might still be able to get a good flight. I didn't get the "loonie flight", but it ended up being under $200 to go roundtrip from Winnipeg to Toronto. The flight was fine, but we ended up being delayed about three hours on the way home. Some other people onthe flight had run into delays on the way there, so just something to watch out for. But it was well worth the money I saved.

    Darin - As if I wouldn't maingate you! You get total credit for helping me out so much. The Free Press did an article about me and the other girl from Winnipeg the other day, it was pretty cool. Are you coming back to Winnipeg anytime soon? We had such a crappy summer it makes me even more excited to leave soon!

    Digital - are you going to school in Brandon? I'm actually from Portage la Prairie, a lot of my friends ended up at BU for education this year, sounds like I'm in for a few trips to Houstons.

    Jolene - time for a trip to the Disney store and coffee I think!

  13. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    Hey Christa! Yes, a trip to the Disney Store and coffee sounds like a great plan. I'll give you a call, my voice is somewhat back for now. I know you had mentioned Jetsgo, I had tried getting a flight out to Calgary from here but apparently they don't go to Calgary from Winnipeg, weird eh? I could have gone to Las Vegas or New York,ahaha....but no Calgary :(
  14. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    Jo ~ I have no clue how long a drive it is. It used to take me a good...38 hoursish to drive to mexico when I used hang Im assuming Orlando is a good...24 least?

    Either way I plan on leaving a few weeks ahead of time and hitting the Keys or Miami for a bit first. Get some R&R.

    Like I said...whoever makes it in, theres cozy room for 2 more people in the Hummer, if anyones game for a little pre-wdwip fun.

    Christa ~ Nope, not currently in school. Work full time. :( Although I do know a few people from PLP myself. Was just at Hustons this Friday too...Im still hurting from that hangover.

    Gimme a shout on msn sometime, maybe we can hook up and get bombed next time your in town.

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