Application direct through Disney Careers?!

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by donut_queen, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. donut_queen

    donut_queen New Member

    Hi to anyone reading this :)

    I'm new to the forums and not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, so forgive me if I'm double-posting.

    I have applied for the CRP a few times over the years through Yummy Jobs (unsuccessful - sadface) but this was a few years ago and I'm wondering if things have changed?

    I see that applications on YummyJobs aren't open just yet, but I've been to the WDCareers website and it seems that you can apply for the CRP directly through them now. Is this true?! Has anyone on here applied in that way before?

    I don't want to go through the whole process only to find out that I've been doing it wrong from the start!

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

  2. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

    Hey! From what I've read on here, it seems that if you apply directly through Disney they forward your application to Yummy Jobs for when the applications open. As far as I'm aware, your application will be on file until August when YJ open their applications :)
  3. donut_queen

    donut_queen New Member

    Thanks! I got halfway through the DC application site and then thought, 'Hold on a sec, is this right?!' Good to know I'm on the right path still.

    What stage are you at rebeccawilsonx? Are you applying this year too?

  4. Danielle Broatch

    Danielle Broatch New Member


    I applied a few days ago and I was wondering if anyone knew how the interview process works?
  5. SRodgie

    SRodgie New Member

    Hello :) What country have you applied from? Because I think interview stages vary depending on your country!
  6. Danielle Broatch

    Danielle Broatch New Member

    I live in Canada, I applied through the disney career site. On yummyjobs it says they're specific sign ups for people from UK and if your applying from Canada it gave a link to the disney site
  7. SRodgie

    SRodgie New Member

    Yeah from what I know Canadians do apply directly through disney, it used to be yummy jobs as well but they no longer do it. I'm not sure on how applications work directly through disney though because there isn't an application open date is there?
  8. Cathy Ar

    Cathy Ar New Member

    Yes, I'm wondering about that too! I'm also from Canada btw, looking to apply for cultural exchange program for next summer! On the disney website, there is in the job description part of the application for the program in question a mention that (we should be able to attend a meeting in Peru or Brazil...???)
    Any thoughts on that?
  9. They're only recruiting for Brazil and Peru right now, Canadians should apply early September
  10. Teeganrain

    Teeganrain New Member

    Hi ladies! Thought I'd give some input here, for Canadians you need to apply directly through the Disney site itself. Yummy Jobs now only does applicants from the U.K. The application process can seem a little extensive but definitely worth it! Usually how it works, at least for Canadians, is you apply online once applications open,then if you're accepted you get a phone interview and if they like you over the phone interview they invite you to an interview somewhere in Canada. Usually in Vancouver or Toronto. After that you have 3 things that could happen! Either your accepted, you're put on a wait list, or you're told to reapply when applications open again :) I'm happy to answer questions that anybody has, I'm heading out in November :)
  11. Lebo

    Lebo New Member

    Hey....Do you know anything about sub-Saharan Africa applicants, do they also need to apply directly through the Disney site?
  12. Teeganrain

    Teeganrain New Member

    Hmm...I would assume that you would apply direct through Disney. You could always email them and ask because I'm not 100% sure! :)
  13. Cherylr

    Cherylr New Member

    I applied a couple weeks ago and I'm from Canada, I'm hoping to start working at Disney next summer but I'm not sure if I applied too early

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