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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by mallory gatehouse, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Hey just wonderin if there is a facebook group for applicants going on, if so can I join :)
  2. haycee14

    haycee14 Member

    Im not aware of one at that minute but im sure when applications open and interviews start coming through im sure one will be set up then. Where are you applying from?
  3. I'm from canada where are you from!
  4. sems

    sems Member

    We have a Facebook group for NZ/Aus going on. Why not make one for Canadians? Im sure there will be people looking for one.
  5. haycee14

    haycee14 Member

    Im from the UK :)
  6. Emilie

    Emilie New Member

    Im from Canada also!! :) Are you all applying for the summer of 2015 program?
  7. Katym92

    Katym92 New Member

    hi all i applied last year but only got through to the 'waiting list'. I've just asked on the current ICP group if there is currently a facebook group for 2015 applicants, if not I can always make one?

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