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  1. Pau1401

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    I'm like super exited to apply for the CRP, I think in this post we can he to know each other :)
  2. Pepperpants

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    I would also like to he to know each other ;D
  3. Pau1401

    Pau1401 Member

    Hey I think it would be nice...
    When are you going to apply?
  4. Pepperpants

    Pepperpants New Member

    On the 1st September hopefully!! :)
  5. Pau1401

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    :eek: wow very good on the date and I wish you the best... I'm waiting 'till late June I still dot know when the date is coming out.. The only thing that I know is wait to late June
  6. Pepperpants

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    Thank you :)

    Are you applying from the UK for the CRP?
  7. DisneySparkles

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    Hey everyone! Anyone else from Canada applying?
  8. Pau1401

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    I'm applying for Mexico CRP and you guys well I read someone is from Canada right?
  9. Pepperpants

    Pepperpants New Member

    I'm applying from the UK.
  10. DisneySparkles

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    You read right! I'm from Canada :)
  11. Pau1401

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    Nice, I think it's nice to get to know each other after the applications and maybe we get to know each other at CRP
  12. Hi all, I'm Ashleigh and battling with myself over applying to the CRP this year! I did the ICP last year and adored it, didn't go this year as it would have crushed my boyfriend to have left again for 3 months. I graduate next year and always planned on (hopefully) doing the CRP as a form of gap year after Uni.

    Although applying for the CRP will literally end my relationship because he feels as though I am choosing Disney over him (even the 3 month ICP would be the same). Even though it isn't that at all, it is just doing this programme has been my dream for sooo many years.

    Is anyone else in this situation?! Sorry for the informative post haha! But I am feeling the pressure of time as applications open in a couple of months and it's starting to worry me.

    Aside from all that, good luck everyone with the applications!
  13. Pepperpants

    Pepperpants New Member

    Hi Ashleigh,

    I'm not in the same situation as you but I'll try to help. maybe you need to have a talk with your boyfriend and explain that this is your dream, it's only a year (which will be over before you know it) and he could always go and visit you and there's always Skype. I don't know you or your boyfriend so I can't comment too much, but hopefully if he understood how much it meant you he may come around to the idea.

    This is an amazing opportunity that you don't want to miss out on if you had the chance do it.

    And just think, you're not trapped there, you can always come home if there are any problems when you're there, but at least you would have given it a go. You don't want it to be something you regret later on.

    Sorry for rambling. Hope that helps a little
  14. Pau1401

    Pau1401 Member

    Hi Ashleigh,

    I think the same you should talk to him about it and he may understand that this is such an important thing to do and that you don't want to miss..
    I hope he can understand you and also support you..

    Good luck to everyone on applications
  15. VeganPup

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    I am applying from Canada ... for the second time.

    Ashleigh... I am not an expert on this so do what you feel most comfortable with but talk to your boyfriend and explain that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully he can be supportive of your dream.
  16. OliviaSmith

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    Hey Ashleigh, nice to meet you. I really hope you decide to apply for the programme.

    That sucks about your boyfriend, obviously it's great that he wants you around and would miss you, but if you're both willing then the relationship can work long distance. I can appreciate how he feels, my guy has just recently left to spend a year in Australia and I get real sad about it sometimes, but I'm writing him letters and we talk via the internet. It can actually be pretty romantic!

    If it's your dream then you have to go for it! Hopefully he will be supportive but if you don't apply, won't you always wonder, "What if...?" :) I hope I've helped and not made you more confused haha. If you need to chat about it, I'm always willing to lend a friendly ear :) xo
  17. suixelo

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    Hi Ashleigh I'm in the same situation, been with my guy for 4 years and we're engaged... Never spent more than 5 days apart in the whole 4 years and I am really struggling with the decision to apply for 2015. I've wanted to go since 2008 but it was just never the right time and I ended up swapping degrees so I will graduate next year and hope to do our (NZ) year long ICP in 2015. Problem is, he doesn't qualify for the program anymore and it's that decision of living this dream I've had for so long or choosing him and just getting a job here once I graduate. The more I think about it the more I think that if we can't survive this then we shouldn't be getting married. This is my dream, a once in a lifetime opportunity and if he can't deal with it then that says more about him than it does about me. That sounds really mean haha but of course we will discuss it and work out how best to do it (him coming out to Florida for visits, Skype calls etc.) but in the end, it's something that I know I will regret not doing, and I have regretted not applying in previous years. My sister is going on exchange to Italy for her last year of high school and I want to have a similar experience because it sounds amazing. I don't want to graduate, get married, work full time and then have kids without ever experiencing something like this because I really will regret it.
  18. Hey guys thanks for your kind words, it is much appreciated :) I think I will be applying regardless, ever since I found out about this programme when I was 12, it has been my dream. Good luck to you all!

    I really hope you guys manage to find a way to make it work! At the moment, I'm of the same opinion as you - I feel if I don't reply, I will regret it forever and always wonder 'what if...'. I don't know about the AU/NZ exchange, but the CRP seems to be crazy competitive and I may not get in anyway - so I might as well try!
    You don't sound mean, that is totally how I see it! I know my bf isn't keen, and neither of us are particularly enthused to do a long-distance relationship. I like to think if it was mean to be, then it will.
    It sounds like you are sure you are applying! When do your applications open? I'm terrified of graduating next year and starting my 'grown-up life' properly without having travelled and had some unique experiences. I'm pretty sure I am gonna go for it :) Good luck!
  19. suixelo

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    We are super lucky here with the AU/NZ program, since we don't have specific roles that we have to do like the CRP there are a lot more places, most people seem to get through and there is only one interview. We just have to go to a presentation at a Uni in our city and if you bring your paperwork that day then you interview that day and then we find out a few days/weeks after! I know we're super lucky haha. So I'm definitely hopeful I will get in and if I don't I will still be eligible for the next intake. An idea of numbers, on the facebook group for Jan 2013 intake there are 270 people and that isn't necessarily everyone. As for time, I would have interviewed already by this time next year and might even know! Some of the January 2014 people know already. So I'm still a little early but it's good to be prepared I think, especially when there is someone else involved like a partner and a lot of money to start saving!

    With the relationship thing, you're exactly right, if it's strong enough it'll last. I'm starting to think about going now so we can work things out, save money for visits etc. I think the most important thing is communication, as long as you communicate to him how you feel about this opportunity and how important he still is to you... I'm hoping everything works out for both of us! I had previously just discarded the idea of ever going but with my sister going to Italy I just knew I would always regret not even trying to get in. She's going to have an amazing time out there and it made me realise how much this opportunity means to me and that I can't just give it up so easily.
  20. kristinenorway

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    Hey. I just got through to the next interview round, which will be held in Norway in October. Had my Skype interview yesterday. I applied a couple of weeks ago, before the recruiting in Norway was even gonna start, but they replied after 2 days and schedueled a Skype interview for as soon as I could, and I got through ;D Looks like they're in need of a lot of Norwegians this time!

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