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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Pau1401, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I did Food and Beverage, hoping if I'm successful I'll get the same again!
  2. Rebecca03

    Rebecca03 New Member


    I have been invited to interview on the 4th in Manchester :) I am also coming from Scotland, so I guess they decide at random where people will go.

    Well done everyone else who got an interview.


    P.S. Can someone please add me to the facebook page. :)
  3. RoseannaL93

    RoseannaL93 New Member

    Hi guys! I got through to pre screens mines on october 6th in London! i'm excited, nervous and still in shock! ahhhh cant wait to meet everyone :D :D :D
  4. Disneyette

    Disneyette New Member

    I got through to the interviews! Mine is on the 6th in London too!
    I'd really love to get to know some people beforehand to make it easier, I'm a bit late to all this because I'm currently in Walt Disney World until the 4th October - so don't have a whole lot of time to prepare!!

    Could someone add me to the Facebook group? ( I think my profile may be private but feel free to ask if you need my email to find me!!)

    Good luck to everyone, hope to see some of you there!!
  5. *PennyCrayon*

    *PennyCrayon* New Member

    Congratulations to everyone who made it through and I can't wait to meet everyone on the 6th October! Sooooo happy as this was my second time at applying!!! Good luck to everyone :D
  6. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    I'm so glad I found this forum!

    I'm Sarah and from the Plymouth in the Southwest.
    This is all pretty exciting amirite??
  7. LauraJayne

    LauraJayne New Member

    Well done Rebecca :) yay for a pre-screen :) I got one too, but I have no idea whether I should go or not, much more to consider this time around for me...

  8. Kel92

    Kel92 New Member

    Hello Everyone :)
    My name is Kelly and I'm from Taunton, Somerset.
    Soo nervous but very excited to meet everyone!
  9. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    Hi Kelly,
    I expect we'll be in the same interview or something!
    I'm from Plymouth, Devon. We're both Westcountry girls ;D
  10. Kel92

    Kel92 New Member

    Hey Sarah!
    Do you have Facebook? Would be good to know of a few people going!
  11. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    Yep I do, I'm Sarah Hill on there and my profile pic is me with a girl with purple hair.
    I think that my profile is pretty private so I'm not surer if you can add me but here's the link anyway
  12. Kel92

    Kel92 New Member

    I can't even see an 'add friend' bit? I'm not very good at Facebook!
  13. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    I have a feeling that my privacy settings are that you can only add me if we have mutual friends because i kept getting loads of random requests and it was annoying. I also don't know how to change this.
    If you want, I can add you?
    It'd just be really nice to talk to someone about what to wear/be excited with.
  14. Kel92

    Kel92 New Member

    That would be cool just search Kelly Adams or I think its
    Something like that x
  15. emma27

    emma27 New Member

  16. Halosunshine

    Halosunshine New Member

    Hi Guys.

    I'm Chris and I have my pre screen in London at 2PM. Anyone else feeling extremely excited and just a little bit nervous?!

    Really looking forward to it. Trying to get added to the elusive Facebook group! If anyone can help here is a link to my profile. Feel free to add me :)

    Hopefully see some of you on Sunday and well done to everyone on getting this far and all the best to everyone :)
  17. Lewisof91

    Lewisof91 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I've been invited to the morning pre-screen in Manchester :D

    Could someone add me to the Facebook group would love to get to know some faces

    I am super excited for friday now ;D

    Well done to everyone :) xx

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