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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Pau1401, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Kathalizsa

    Kathalizsa New Member

    Re: Applications 2014

    Ya, kita gada agent atau apapun makanya sulit bgt cari info nya. Aku jg kemarin2 nyari nya niat bgt haha tp sempet ktmu jg sm org2 indo di forum ini. Wkt itu aku smpt apply lwt Yummy Jobs tp mereka blg skrg ini cuma assist yg dr uk gt2. Iyaa aku udah kerja skrg.
  2. Louiejordan

    Louiejordan New Member

    I was wondering, what questions do we know are definitely going to be on the application?

    Kind of wondering if this new website is gonna throw us completely off and have us do something completely different! :D
  3. GeorgieeClark

    GeorgieeClark New Member

    Oh gosh, that would be a right set back if it was all different lol
    That's got me thinking now :/
  4. Kathalizsa

    Kathalizsa New Member

    Hi everyone! How's the application process going? Hope you guys doing all great! :)
  5. Any other UK people constantly refreshing their emails today?!
  6. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    Yes! Like every minute, it's so nerve wracking!!
  7. suzitothefuture

    suzitothefuture New Member

    Has anyone from the UK applicants heard back yet? ??? I'm constantly refreshing my email - so nervous! I'm a first timer too!
  8. So glad it isn't just me. I'm a first timer as well.

    I don't think so, going by the YJ Social page and two of my other friends who are also waiting!
  9. LauraMc:)

    LauraMc:) New Member

    Hi, I'm waiting as well. Hopefully we should hear this week :)
  10. suzitothefuture

    suzitothefuture New Member

    They said on their Facebook that everyone should hear back by the 18th of September at the latest. I gather that no-one has had a reply yet... Which makes me feel a bit better. Just wish they'd put us out our misery!
  11. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    Hey guys, I've definitely posted it about the forum before and it's in my sig but that's the link to my blog explaining what my interviews and things were like. Hopefully it can be even a tiny bit helpful!
  12. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    ^your blog is super helpful :) I started reading it a while ago thanks for sharing it :)

    so I guess nobody heard today?
  13. suzitothefuture

    suzitothefuture New Member

    I spoke to James from yJ on the phone this morning, and he said we should hear back by the end of this week/early next week at the latest :)
  14. Bubbles29693

    Bubbles29693 Member

    Thanks for the update! :)
  15. suzitothefuture

    suzitothefuture New Member

    I got a reply... and i've been invited to a regional interview! and it's in 2 weeks! :eek:

    Super excited - nervous - giggly. I know a couple of others have heard back - good luck everyone! :)
  16. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    What are all the dates of the regional interviews?

    I've been invited to London - but I am devastated because I am in Italy that weekend - do you think I will be able to make another regional event?
  17. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I'm not sure of all the dates, I got through and mine is on Sunday 6th October!
  18. OliviaSmith

    OliviaSmith New Member

    I'm through too! Thrilled to bits. 6th October in London, who else is gonna be at that one??
  19. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    The fact you've applied to do the prog again excites me and makes me sure it's gonna be amazing :) What did you do last time? F and b or merch?
  20. KirstyBell92

    KirstyBell92 New Member

    I've been invited to the 6th on October event in London too :D so excited and nervous! I still can't really believe it's real, keep thinking I'll wake up and it will all be a dream! Can't wait to meet everyone ;D I'm heading down from Scotland so will need to book my travel and hotel for the night before soon...I think some people are going to Manchester but anyone else from Scotland or the North heading down to the London one?
    Good luck to everyone :)

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