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Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by meganrh, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Hi all :) I'm going to be applying for the cultural exchange in autumn this year through yummy jobs, and I have a couple of questions for those who might know better than I do!

    First of all, I'm 21. I started university a few years late, is it unusual for people who are a couple of years older to apply? Do many people 21+ apply/get accepted?

    I'm going to be studying in a university in Finland as part of the erasmus programme next year, do you think this will help me when applying for the disney cultural exchange? I would have thought/hoped so, considering it's a 'cultural' exchange!

    Also, what could I do between now and the application time in order to really give myself a good chance? Is it expected that you will have a huge amount of past work experience, or is it more based on personality at the interviews? Is it known to be super difficult to actually get a place on the programme? I've been wondering this for a while, as most of the information I've been looking at is written by people who have already been accepted!

    Thankyou! :D
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    Hey :)!

    I did the program back in 2012 and I knew a lot of people that were over the age of 21. My arrival date with other people from the UK was shared with many Canadians and almost all of them that I spoke to were over the age of 21.

    For your second question, I definitely think you should mention about Erasmus at least some point during the interview it shows to them that you can be away from home and that you have knowledge of other cultures.

    And lastly, with my application and interview I did not have a whole lot of experience in any field as I only had 1 job before applying. I personally think that they are more interested in your personality and whether you are right for the company. As long as you show yours you will have a good chance of being accepted. I would recommend that you watch a lot of different vlogs and read peoples blogs, it helped me a lot prepare for my phone interview and eventually my face to face interview. I think the process is different now from a phone interview to a group interview, I am sure you can find plenty of vlogs which will tell you what you can expect.

    Good Luck with your application!

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