arrived june 11th!!

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by dee20, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. dee20

    dee20 New Member

    boys and girls just to let you no.....I HAVE ARRIVED!!!
    and its pouring down with rain but real warm...lotsa form fillin in so far and a hearin test on wednesday to look forward to for my role in operations!
    look forward to meetin everyone thats already out here and all those still to come!! gimme a shout!!!
    dee xxx
  2. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    I arrived June 11th too. The rain was annoying eh? We get to sunny florida only to be soaked the minute we step outside. Oh well. Lucky you got a hearing test! You'll have an awesome job then! I'm
  3. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Yeah I read in a blog that a hearing test usually means you have a pretty major attraction (the girl in the blog had one and got the Haunted Mansion!) You should have something fun!
  4. dee20

    dee20 New Member

    hmm..hearin test was because im workin on admissions at pleasure fun.... ??? :-\

    start tomoro night...6pm til 2am!!! x
  5. PopcornPrincess

    PopcornPrincess New Member

    Aww thats going to be fun, you get to deal with the drunk people, tip em over... ha ha naa the CM at plesure island were the best :) your going to love it trust me :)

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