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  1. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    Well done for escaping, I'm very much looking forward to leaving again! :p
  2. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Haha, yeah I know what you mean. I must admit, it was hard to "sell" Telford to Amy in the phone interview... I just talked about Ironbridge and the Wrekin, haha. :p
  3. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    Yep, teenage pregnancy and car crime doesn't really sound that impressive.

    When I had my phone interview back in the day I was living in Nottingham so that was much easier.
  4. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    strange how all that stopped when you were in florida? :D
  5. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    Less of your cheek Rab C Nesbitt.
  6. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

  7. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Ironically my surname did start with a c throughout most of my school years, so you can imagine what it was like back in it's hayday. I would like to point out that out of most of the people I went to school with I am still the least likely to be seen wearing a string vest!

    Ill tell ye this lad! Get yerself tae...

    such a lovely dialect :D
  8. mizzbex2807

    mizzbex2807 New Member

    I'm sure it was fine I just hope because I'm 17 they will still let me...they wouldnt o a phone interview with me otherwise would they? x
  9. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    haha you;d rather be here in preston, then telford near stuey :p
  10. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Yeah, thats true! Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be A-OKAY! Good Luck!!! :D
  11. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Hmm... ;)

    I like to call it "Depreston" :D
  12. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member least we can spell in Telford :p
  13. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    ahaha oh shush
  14. anastevens

    anastevens New Member

    Hey guys, congrats to all those that got through!
    I just got my email about picking a time for a phone interview but only have a choice of 3 days and i'm at work on all of them! does anyone know if you can request a different day?dont really fancy trying to fit a phone interview into a lunch break at work, in the email it just said if you cant make those dates then they can do it by skype but i dont have skype! has anyone else had to request another time?
  15. cdneeyore

    cdneeyore New Member

    skype is free to download , download it maybe? :)
  16. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member


    Oh my gosh I am so frickin nervous, I've never wanted anything so badly!!! I had my phone interview last Thursday and I've been told I've gotta wait between 2 and 3 weeks - so, yeah the LONGEST TIME OF MY LIFE EVER! hhahahaha. I think I messed up though in my phone interview, babbled on wayyy too much and just was all giggly and excitable. eugh. Want to remain hopeful though :-D fingers, legs and toes are crossed for everyone!

    Also... here are my stats:

    Name: Katie
    Age: 22 (nearly 23 hehe)
    Location: Derby
    First time: applying? yes!
    Visited Disney before: 12 times!!!! and scheduled to go again in August :-D

  17. MichaelA

    MichaelA New Member

    Cool stuff dude.

    I'm from Formby so just down the road really.

    Have you or anyone had any feedback from the phone interviews....

    ...anyway its saturday night. time to get drunk and disgrace myself in so many ways =)
  18. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    Yeah just down the road, I wanted to go out last night but had people round instead for a few drinks.
    I've not had my phone interview yet, I've got it tommorrow morning at 9.45 am with Amy. Im excited and nervous too, like xmas eve. Ive prepared a bit, but not loads cause I will just drive myself mad.
    Have u had yours yet? Did u have to speak about Liverpool or anything? x
  19. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    how did people manage to prepare for the phone interview?? i really had no clue on what to expect and didnt find the youtube advice til after lol. i was so nervous during mine but Chloe was lovely, I just hope I said enough to be given the opportunity. I did struggle on the culture questions a bit though but never mind.
  20. bradderz

    bradderz New Member

    I just wrote down all the questions they might ask, answered all of them, and ill read through them a couple times so that they are in my head, I dont want any notes in front of me when I have my interview though because I think that will dis tract me a bit looking for the answers. I got quite a few fun and histrical facts about my city and for my culture question im basically just going to talk about the british empire and how our culture in seen all over the world still today, lol. Most of it will just be made up on the spot though. I have my interview tomorow at half 2 with Amy, I am like 50/50 scared but looking forward to it! ;D

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