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  1. disneydreamer88

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    Yeah everything I said was made up on the spot though I did have some quite 'nice' questions really. lol. I just did not have a clue what to expect really. When asked about our UK culture I mentioned the royal family/royal wedding, the prime minister and our relationship with the US, and the different ethnicities/cultures we have all in one place. sooo I don't have a clue if that was 'right or not'. As for where I'm from I admit I was a little stumped because there's not really much about Derby that's interesting. LOL. the best I could come up with was we're the dead centre of the UK in that we're the most haunted city. LOL. not really Disney like but still... it's different :D good luck with your interview! where are you from??
  2. bradderz

    bradderz New Member

    It is hard with the UK culture though as we are made of of four different countries lol! I'm from Birmingham and found out the author of Lord of The Rings grew up in Birmingham and that it actually inspired him to write the stories so i am going to mention that lol! I just hope im not over preparing it and that it will all just naturally fall into place lol! Thankyou and hope its good news from your interview too! :)
  3. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Am I the only person who is a bit like "wow this is going a bit fast now"? Especially when we waited so long to hear from the Jan. applications.
  4. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    Yeah exactly... thats why I just settled with the many ethnicities and cultures we have. hahaha. Oh right that's interesting! Ooo learn something new every day :D hehe. I reckon that they were mainly interested in how we come across on the phone though to try to get a bit of an idea about our personalities. but you just dont know do you? arghhh I hate the wait hehe.
  5. catfish278

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    Good luck all those with interviews tomorrow and the next few days! I'm sure what everyone has said has been interesting and individual! I asked how long it would be until we heard and it sounds like we'll have another 2-3 week wait ahead of us (especially because of all the bank holidays coming up!)... I'm guessing we'll hear about F2Fs in the first week of May... :)
  6. Disney2010

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    Oh my god I'm excited for my Phone Interview tommorrow, I'm trying not to be nervous because I think when I'm nervous people can tell because I ramble on and don't take a breath ha. Mine is at 9.45am so Im going to get up at 9am make sure I don't sound groggy or anything.
    Ooooooo can't wait ;D ;D ;D
  7. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    Awww good luck!!! I'm sure you will do just great :) I know what u mean though, I babble on like there's no tomorrow when I'm nervous but they expect that and Chloe (my interviewer) told me not to worry and that it was all ok to be nervous. :) Sometimes I think it helps if e babble on because at least it suggests we love to talk and have good social skills etc, therefore we will make great customer service :D hehehehe. Fingers are crossed for you. Good luck :) x
  8. Missish

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    Yes! I got the email telling me I'd got a phone interview, the next day I booked my phone interview, and the day after that I had the interview! After waiting for so long, it was a bit of a whirlwind couple of days!
  9. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    I had that :D had the e-mail and my instinct was "oh my god have they made a mistake?!?! i cant believe it" and booked the interview the following day to have it the day after hahaha. I wanted to get it done and out the way otherise I would dwell on it too much and get myself agitated lol.
  10. MichaelA

    MichaelA New Member

    Sorry i didnt reply quick enough. How did it go?

    Yeah i had mine the other day, just spoke about random stuff really...not so much about liverpool. They have all sorts of questions they ask other different people. Suppose it depends who you get.
  11. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    It went ok, it's weird because you never know how interviews go and with a phone one you can't get the reaction really from who is interviewing u. I babbled on when she asked me about Liverpool, but I suppose thats a good thing ha. She didn't ask me about UK which I had prepared for. But asked me 3 buzz words to describe me and I was stuck on it ha. Hope it went ok though, just 3 weeks to wait now till we know!!!!
  12. SamanthaEllen

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    Does anyone no if they use ur cv as well as ur phone interview notes to judge who gets through to the f2f.. Cause I didn't state my previous work experience and am worried that they will think I'm to inexperienced even tho iv been working in retail and hospitality for 5 years!
  13. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

  14. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    I've just went onto Yummy Jobs website and logged on and normally it says about the application and that I had a telephone interview and gives the date etc but it's says nothing now, just when I go into applications,just says that I've applied.......has anyone else got this?
  15. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Same for me I wouldn't worry it is prob as all the interviews have been done or arranged
  16. Disney2010

    Disney2010 New Member

    Thanks, really got worried then! Don't know why I checked it because I know it's going to be a few weeks yet till we hear and not on the website either, it will be by e-mail. :) :)
  17. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    Yep I've also had that since Monday/Tuesday... I think it's because we've had our interviews etc :) fingers crossed! x
  18. terryrs

    terryrs New Member

    that awkward moment where you get an e-mail 10 minutes after your phone interview, and you panic like mad. ;D

    Needless to say, it was only from Boots, but still. I think im not gonna check my emails at all for a week or two :p
  19. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Tell me about it, I said in my phone interview I have never been so acquainted with my hotmail inbox in my life ;D
  20. Fern Minnie Witton

    Fern Minnie Witton New Member

    Name: Fern
    Location: Devon
    First Time Applying: YES (and i am NERVOUS)

    Only just found this site..... and its nice to hear everyone elses experiences :) :)

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