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  1. disneydreamer88

    disneydreamer88 New Member

    hahahahah tell me about it... I've been psycho over my e-mail since I applied. LOL. I think when we get the e-mails I'm literally going to have to skim read it til I see either "sorry you're not what we're looking for" or "congratulations". Hand on heart.... I don't think I'll get the "congratulations" but I shall keep everything crossed anyway.
  2. Scottishwoody

    Scottishwoody New Member

    Glad I had a look at this site, was beginning to think my email just got filtered as spam or something. Glad to see others still waiting too. Feels like years since I applied!
  3. staceyd1992

    staceyd1992 New Member

    Name: Stacey
    Location: Portsmouth
    First time applying: Yes!

    Sorry, im a bit late to this but I thought i'd join and maybe get some tips from the 2010 applicants!

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