AU/NZ August 2013

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Deanne, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Deanne

    Deanne New Member

    Just looking for people starting in August 2013 from AU/NZ?
  2. orlando0

    orlando0 New Member

    Hi There, Im starting in August 13 im from Queensland. I am looking forward to this experience, it seems like a long way away but im sure time will fly.

    Are you all ready? I have been packed for ages, just waiting to leave. I havent got my airfare yet, i thought i better wait. Do you know of any airline which is better or cheaper than others.

    I got merchandise which was my first choice so Im happy. How about you?
  3. orlando0

    orlando0 New Member

    Hi Again, Is there anyone that is leaving from (Brisbane) Queensland in August. It would be great to travel together? Thanks
  4. Jax_22

    Jax_22 New Member

    I'm in Perth and due there in August. Looking for some friends ;D
  5. aleigh

    aleigh New Member

    I am starting on 5 August! I will be flying from Sydney. :)
  6. orlando0

    orlando0 New Member

    Hey Jax and Amber, how did you do that name tag (with how many days to go on the bottom of your post). I'd love to do one.

  7. aleigh

    aleigh New Member

  8. orlando0

    orlando0 New Member

  9. Jax_22

    Jax_22 New Member

    I was thinking of heading over to the US a little earlier. If anyone would like to join me ??? I may need to get to Sydney or Auckland first for connecting flights :)
  10. cammysan

    cammysan New Member

    trust me, it's the best experience of your life. i've got two months left, time has just flown by. you're going to make life long friendships even if you don't see them ever again, they will always be your friends. :)
  11. lchong

    lchong New Member

    I'm starting on Jan 7 2014. Flying out on the 5th from Auckland, any others?

    Working in Merchandise!
  12. Mumbles

    Mumbles New Member


    lchong, I'm starting jan 7th too, flying out on the 6th from Sydney... are you coming via Sydney?
    I'm on the 12 month program doing Vacation Planner and Merchandise, you?
  13. lchong

    lchong New Member

    Yes flying via Sydney! But my stopover is on the 5th so will miss you by a day haha

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