AU/NZ JAN 2013

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Gloofty, May 23, 2012.

  1. Gloofty

    Gloofty New Member

    Tony, are you doing Merchandise then Attractions or the other way around?? My email said Attractions as well... ;D
  2. Zendorphin

    Zendorphin New Member

    Friday's email has "Role(s): Merchandise/Attractions". What order's yours?

    YAY. We're both on ATTRACTIONS! That's so awesome. :D
  3. Yecats

    Yecats New Member

    Tony just wondering how do you get the picture for the count down for when you leave for Disney?
  4. Zendorphin

    Zendorphin New Member

  5. Yecats

    Yecats New Member

  6. Gloofty

    Gloofty New Member

    Thats the order of mine as well :D
    Where do you put the badge on your profile haha i got too confused...
  7. Zendorphin

    Zendorphin New Member

    That's great to hear. Hopefully we will be at the same location!

    To add the badges to your profile --

    Click PROFILE
    Look on the left, under Modify Profile
    Choose Forum Profile Information.
    Paste the code into the Signature section :)
  8. Gloofty

    Gloofty New Member

    That would be so fun!!

    Thankyou for the badge haha I finally got it :D
  9. shan1988

    shan1988 New Member

    I have been accepted for the year long program in an Merchandise/Operations role. Leaving in Jan 2013. I have placed a request on the NZ/Aus facebook please accept me. I am from Auckland, NZ
  10. Smiley

    Smiley New Member

    Hi everyone, I am Jason and I am from the Gold Coast. I will starting the 12 month program on January 9th and am will be doing Lifeguard and Merchandise. I cannot wait 5 1/2 months until we all begin, I wanna go there now, haha. I am excited to meet you all and go to all the parks :D
  11. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Hi there,

    Could you guys tell me what course levels you have done/are doing?
    Have any of you been accepted from a Certificate II, III or IV course?

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