AU/NZ January 2014

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by madgie18, May 30, 2013.

  1. madgie18

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    Oh yes please! Didn't realise there was already a Facebook group already!
  2. M.lover13

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  3. madgie18

    madgie18 New Member

    Thanks so much! :D
  4. Mumbles

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    hey disneyqueen, yeah i went today =D

    there were 20 people, 4 incuding me were visitors the rest were all students from ICMS, everyone did the interview....

    I choked when she asked me what are my strengths, gave one example then my mind just froze... everything else went pretty good, I told her i really dont like working in QSFB, dunno if that made me sound bad though, but I explained that it's not an area im interested in and i didn't want to be put in that position just for the program and provide a bad experience for the guests

    we're there many guys at the other presentations? there were only 2 including me at ICMS
  5. disneyqueen

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    Mumbles I just tried to send you a personal message on this thing but not sure if it worked

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