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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Kelz025, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Just wanted to make a thread for anyone starting the Australia / New Zealand program in August 2014.

    I was recently accepted into Operations! I can't wait to go!
  2. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Hey Kelz025, I got operations as well!
    I'm glad I got operations over merch, but I was kinda disappointed cause I would have loved character attendant!
  3. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    I would have liked character attendant as well, but I knew I wouldn't get it as that and performer seemed to be full.
    I'm happy with Operations though, that's good that you got the same!
    Any parks / rides you'd like to work on?
  4. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Yeah, looking back I wish I asked something like "what are the chances for attendant" so see could have told me there were limited positions and I wouldn't have got my hopes up! Must have been full from other countries or something cause I was one of the first interviews!

    I don't really mind, although don't know if I could handle the small world ride for 6 months haha! What about you?
    Do you know much about operations? Like do we get trained in a few rides and do rotations or stick to one?
    I hope I get rides over main gate. When I was there earlier this year that job just looked so boring. They just stand there and watch as people scan their fingers and make sure the tickets work! :/
    I guess we don't find out till we get there though what we get?
  5. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Yeh they mentioned about it bring pretty full during my presentation. So I knew I'd be getting either Merchandise or Operations.

    From what I've heard, you could either be on one ride the whole time or rotate around three. I've heard that the Tiki room, treehouse and magic carpets of Aladdin are rotations, as are Aerosmith, Beauty & the Beast show and Fantasmic. Also some in Fantasyland. Not sure what else. I know rides like Jungle Cruise and Pirates are individual ones.

    I said on my interview I'd like to be in Animal Kingdom as animals are what I'm studying but I don't mind other things too. Although I agree with you about Main Entrance Ops.

    I was also there earlier this year and last year. I love it!

    I wonder when we'll get the next email about what to do next!
  6. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    I didn't even think of mentioning a park I'd like to be in at my interview! You must have been really prepared for interviews?

    I think I'd like to do a speaking role or something like that - I was asked if I would be comfortable doing something like that and I said yes and that I'd been doing acting since I was young so hopefully! It's kinda annoying being accepted but not knowing at all what you might be doing! haha

    What are you studying? Are you Australia or NZ? How old are you?
    I was there beginning of April, what about you? Have you been to other Disney parks around the world?
    Sorry for all the questions! haha

    Probably not for a while. Maybe just small emails like update details and things like that but probably not anything super beneficial for ageeess! My friends going in January and she hasn't even gone for her visa yet!!!
  7. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    I did a fair bit of reading online before interviews, but yeh just mentioned something on an animal trek or something would be good!

    Like stage acting you've done? That'll be good if you got a speaking role.
    I know! Not knowing is annoying!

    I'm from Melbourne, studying Animal Studies and was applying for Vet Nursing for next year but might not be able to now! I'm 25, which I hate coz I feel like I'm still like 21!
    What are you studying? I'm guessing you were born in 1993 from your username? Lol

    I was also there the start of April! Lol. I've been to Disneyland in California too. You? Did you have a favourite part of WDW?

    I'm worried about the visa coz I don't want to get denied or anything. Imagine waiting months and then that happens. Can't believe she hasn't got it yet!
  8. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    A little bit of stage acting but I focused more on acting for camera (like tv and things like that) as I got older!

    Are you allowed to apply, get in and then just take a semester off? Or do you have to stay there for the whole vet program? I'm studying communications and PR (on the Gold Coast) I only have 2 semesters left but plan to do one before I go then come back and do my last one and try get an internship so I can come back to something! haha

    Yah 1993! I turn 21 in June so I'll be 21 before I leave which will be exciting! I like the idea of being legal in America so I least I have the opportunity to drink and go out even if I decide not too! Haha if you still feel like your 21 thats good! Might as well have fun while you're still young!

    I did California Disney as well! :) But in 2011. I actually really liked the resort I stayed at at WDW. I stayed at the Grand Floridian and it was just so nice!!! But I think the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were my favourite park!
  9. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Awesome about the acting this, sounds fun!

    I'm not sure if I can get in and defer or not. I want to ask but then they mightn't accept me for the course at all! I'll ask if I get in.
    I studied a Diploma of Writing after I finished school and started Communications at Uni but didn't continue.
    Yeh that sounds like a plan for your study/internship!
    I'm going to the Gold Coast next week, sun and theme parking!!

    Yay, it's good to be 21 in the states!

    I haven't stayed at a Disney resort. Really want to! We've both been to the states more than once then!
  10. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Oh how fun! And the school holidays have finished so hopefully the theme parks won't be too bad - it's been so hot lately!!!

    The theming in Disney resorts is amazing! I love them!
    Do you want to do some extra travelling while you're over there? Like after you finish?
  11. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Yeh I'm looking forward to it! Hope it's warn when I'm there!

    Yeh I'd like to travel afterwards. You? Might as well while you're there! Only issue would be lugging around suitcases and whatever you need to take home after the program!
  12. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    I don't know if I will be able to travel afterwards! When the program finishes I will have already missed week 1 of uni so I can't miss much more! I'll just have to hope that I get the odd weekend or few days of or something that I could make a quick trip!
  13. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    That's true. I might be going back to study also after. I think our program finishes later than the past ones by a few weeks. Plenty of time to work it all out anyway!
  14. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Do you know much about the requirements about the visa? Because I've read a few blogs where they say you can't be deferred while you are on the program or something like that? So how are we meant to take a semester of uni? It seems so confusing!

    I want to know everything now! haha it's gonna be such a long wait!
    Is sitting in the ticket booth selling tickets at the front of the gate included in main gate operations, do you know?
  15. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    I think you just can't defer your first year.

    Um I think it is included in the description for main entrance ops, but I've heard of people doing the turnstiles and parade control.

    I know! I'm impatient and want to know everything now too!
  16. booshas

    booshas Guest

    hey guys!

    what's up? my name is alice, i'm 24 and i'm from auckland, new zealand.
    i'm currently studying law but taking a year off to do this program. got accepted into the role of lifeguard yay! can't wait!
    right now i'm meant to be studying for final exams but i'm procrastinating looking at blogs and videos from past ICP people.
    i can't wait til august next year! seems like bloooooody ages tho!

    my facebook is if you wanna hit me up.

    am going to go to europe for a few months before the program and planning on travelling in the USA a bit before the program cos we get 30 days on the visa before and also travelling afterwards too int hat 30 days. wanna go to: las vegas, NY, niagra falls, grand canyon etc!!!
  17. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Yes looking up blogs and videos can get addictive!

    I know, August seems like forever away!

    I added you booshas!

    I wasn't sure if we could travel before the program, that's good if we can! Not sure if I would or not but it's an option!
  18. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Hey Alice!
    I used to live in NZ :)

    Las Vegas would be so fun to go to!
  19. bennyfandango

    bennyfandango New Member

    I got accepted last week for lifeguard, can't wait so excited!
  20. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Hey Benny!

    Where are you from? :)

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