AU / NZ starting August 2014

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Kelz025, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. bennyfandango

    bennyfandango New Member

    Hey Kate, from sydney (northern beaches). Where about's are you?

    Also with the visa process and uni, you have to have been at uni for 1 year minimum and you cannot defer the term before leaving. I.e. you can defer while you are on the program, however you must be attending uni the term prior to starting. Hope that clears that up.
  2. missypoo

    missypoo New Member

    I Have just been accepted for Operations also! I'm so excited! :D
  3. damieng

    damieng New Member

    I got accepted as a lifeguard :)
  4. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Yay we are getting more people here!

    Tell us more about yourselves!

    My name is Kate, I'm 20 from the Gold Coast and I'm doing Operations!

    Also Benny what you were saying about not deferring the semester before - I may have to go talk to my school about it! I do 3 sems a year so I have to defer the one before because that semester doesn't end until the end of August! :/
  5. damieng

    damieng New Member

    Well I'm Damien, I'm 22 from Dunedin, NZ and I got in as a lifeguard :)
  6. bennyfandango

    bennyfandango New Member

    Hey So i do the same (trimesters) so I will be going the Feb-may term, then deferring my June term as i wouldn't finish that term till the end of august. So i can work and save money before i go!
  7. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    It's all so confusing! I may have to be enrolled, apply for my VISA and then once I've been approved, defer the semester or something!

    What are you guys studying?
  8. damieng

    damieng New Member

    I'm currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Information Technology :)
  9. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Hey guys!
    I'm Kellie, 25 from Melbourne. I got accepted for Operations!
    I'm studying Animal Studies/Veterinary Nursing.

    I can't wait for August! We should make a FB page for everyone who's going over!
  10. bennyfandango

    bennyfandango New Member

    I'm in my last year of business mgmt majoring in sports mgmt.

    Yeah Facebook group would be good i think too.
  11. booshas

    booshas New Member

    woops i deleted my old account lol.

    yes FB group sounds ideal!
  12. C92

    C92 New Member

    Hi Guys!

    FB group sounds like a great idea -has anyone started one? I've been stalking the jan 2014 group's page for too long now haha
  13. C92

    C92 New Member

    Hmm, well if it hasn't been done - would you guys like me to make a fb group and post the link here? Or if there is one I'm not aware of?
    So excited that we'll be around for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYs in America! :D
  14. bennyfandango

    bennyfandango New Member

    Yeah maybe just go ahead and make one.
  15. C92

    C92 New Member

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